It was a lovely weekend over in these parts. Friday night I did the WOD (thanks, Matt, for getting me there – my shoulders and triceps are still store!) and afterwards, Tommy and I had dinner with Matt and Meg at Quanta Basta. On Saturday, I took it pretty easy in the morning (no workout, but hit the Farmer’s Market!) before my hair appointment at 12:30. I cut about an 1″ off and it was time for more highlights (which I do about every 3 months). I love it! Jodi at The Escape Salon is the best.

Perfect blonde bob

Sunday was pretty low key – church, brunch, took a nap (ahhhh glorious!) and then hit balls on the driving range before dinner. We were eating outside on the patio when a storm rolled in and poured. Luckily we were protected by the table umbrella until we could make it inside. I love storms in the South; it was fun to sit out there in it for a bit! (I posted some pictures and videos on Snapchat – terilynhutchie)

Onto The Weekender with favorite links from the week + my favorite quote of the week. I’m going to try to share a quote each week to help set my intention and focus for the week – I wrote the quote on a sticky note and put it on my bathroom mirror to serve as a reminder. Hope you enjoy this addition!

I’m dying to try this Roasted Sweet Potato Salad. 

I love honey cinnamon lattes so I think I need to make a this easy peasy honey simple syrup.

I’m a terrible napper so Sunday’s hour snooze was pretty amazing for me. I just have such a hard time falling asleep for a nap (no issues falling asleep at night, thank goodness). I google naps yesterday after waking up (totally normal) since I’d like to become better at them and loved this article, The Perfect Nap: Sleeping is a Mix of Art and Science.

Five Tips for the Corporate Runner. Whether or not you work in Corporate America like I do, these are great tips. I especially loved the tip to not check emails before running, which I’m totally guilty of doing.

Quote of the week: Allow space for grace. – Jonathan Robbins. 

I loved this quote from yesterday’s church sermon since it can apply to life in so many ways. We need to allow ourselves grace because we aren’t perfect. We need to allow others grace since no one is perfect. We need to allow space in our busy lives to develop a relationship with God since we all need His grace. And, we need to allow space to accept His grace.

I kind of want to have this quote turned into a lovely calligraphed piece of art to hang on my wall. I don’t have those kind of skills so I’ll  be outsourcing that. 🙂 Have a great week!

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San Francisco Epsoak Epsom Salts – I love taking epsom salt baths to help with sore muscles and to help relieve stress. This is my new favorite brand. The lavender smells amazing! You can buy them directly from SF Salt Co or on Amazon; I haven’t seen this brand in stores near me.


TGT Wallet – I got a Tight Wallet for Tommy for his birthday after seeing my brother’s when we visited Utah. My brother loves his, and Tommy has loved his too. (I got him a monogrammed Americana Deluxe.) I kind of wish I had a use for one because it’s just cool looking. (This would make a great Father’s Day present too!)

TGT Tight Wallet

It fits in my tiny hand.

TGT Tight Wallet

I’m also a sucker for cool packaging. TGT Tight Wallet TGT Tight Wallet

Peeled Snacks Dried Fruit – I’m obsessed with these. The dried mango and paradise found tropical fruit mix are my favorites! I like to grab them after work as I’m heading out to the driving range. They give me a quick hit of energy without ruining my dinner or making me queasy if I go to CrossFit after hitting balls. This is the best dried fruit I’ve had in a LONG time (sorry not sorry Trader Joe’s – this dried mango blows yours out of the water). Plus, I love that there is no added sugar.


Lily and Val Keepsake Kitchen Diary – I love this beauty!

Lily and Val Keepsake Kitchen Diary

I love getting recipes from friends and seeing their notes on how they tweaked it. And I especially loved hand-written recipes I have from my mom (like her famous white bread and chocolate crinkle cookies). While Pinterest is convenient, I still love real cookbooks, and the history that grows with them as they’re passed around and shared. What I’d love to do with this is have my friend’s write recipes in this when they make something for get-togethers. I’d love to have a collection of different handwritings and notes and memories. I love the way a good meal brings people together and I love that this keepsake diary helps capture that. This would make a great Mother’s Day gift too, especially if you gave it to your mom with some recipes written in there and your memories of her making it for your family while you were growing up!

Only downside is when you mess up what you’re writing. 😉 (I need to share this veggie burger recipe with you! It’s insanely good.)


And I need to blog this lentil salad recipe too!Lily and Val

Local Favorite: Twin City Hive

Twin City Hive Winston-Salem

This coffee shop recently moved into a new (bigger) space and it is beautiful. And it has something for everyone, regardless of what you want in a coffee shop. If you want cozy and dim, grab a spot in the front area. If you want brighter light to fuel productivity, head towards the back. If you want to host a meeting there, and need some privacy, they have a conference room. If you want a quiet outdoor table in the sun, head past the sunroom to the sunny patio. If you want shade, you’ll see a covered patio on the way into the shop. You can’t go wrong. I also HIGHLY recommend any of their gluten-free muffins or scones; they’re some of the best I’ve ever had. They have a great tea selection  (and it’s loose leaf which is mandatory in my book), and their cold brew coffee is top notch. (Unrelated to their great service, food and drink – I also really love their branding and they’ve tastefully integrated it throughout the space.)

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I’ve known for a while that my CrossFit shoes have been worn out (I’ve had them for almost a year and wear them 3-4x a week) and so I’ve been on the hunt for the best CrossFit shoe. I really hate buying new workout shoes, which is really silly considering how much use they get, but I finally took the plunge and bought a pair of Women’s Nike Metcon 2 shoes.

Review of Nike Metcon 2 CrossFit shoes

I consulted Google (obviously), other online reviews and a friend at the gym, Jason, who is stupid good at everything CrossFit related, and — more importantly — extremely knowledgeable about bio-mechanics and ways to smartly improve performance at the gym without getting injured. All things Google and Jason both pointed to the Nike Metcons as a solid option if I was only going to buy one pair of shoes for CrossFit. Which leads me to my next point…

An annoying thing about CrossFit is that it can “require” many different types of shoes – lifters, metcon trainers, hybrids. There are many different types of moves in (aptly-named) CrossFit and your body often needs different types of support depending on the workout. I didn’t want to buy a pair of lifters since I just couldn’t justify a shoe that I’d use exclusively for lifting only 1-2x a week (maybe someday, but not now). But I knew I also needed something with more support than my Reebok Nano Sprints since my feet have been aching post-WOD for a while, especially if there is heavy weight involved.

After wearing the Nike Metcons 2 for a few different types of workouts (including wall balls, running, box jumps, burpees, heavy heavy deadlifts, double unders, kettlebell swings, and rowing), here’s what I like and dislike about them.


  • GREAT for heavy deadlifts and squats. I felt more stable and my feet didn’t ache after the workout. I felt like I had better control in the movements. And it bears repeating  – my feet didn’t hurt afterwards!!
  • Good support and stability for wall balls, kettle bell swings and slam balls. I hadn’t realized that I felt a bit wobbly in my Nano Sprints until I had the Nike Metcons to contrast.
  • Fine for rowing. I don’t really know how much a shoe could help me improve rowing but I’m listing this as a pro anyway since they weren’t uncomfortable.
  • Wide toe box. I have a narrow foot through the middle of my foot and a high arch, but then I have a wider than average toe box, which makes finding comfortable shoes difficult. These have a nice wide toe box, but can be tightened around my foot so they don’t feel floppy.
    • I know some people at my gym with really narrow feet who don’t like the wide toe box and others who like the wide toe box feel, but think they look goofy. So this is probably total individual preference.
Women's Nike Metcon 2 Review

Review of Nike Metcon 2 CrossFit shoes

This is a comparison of the width of the Nano Sprints vs. Nike Metcons.

Women's Nike Metcon 2 Review

Women's Nike Metcon 2 Review

  • Stiff, wide heel. This is what gives those suckers stability.

Women's Nike Metcon 2 Review

  • Cute colors. And that’s what really matters.

Women's Nike Metcon 2 Review


  • Extremely uncomfortable for anything jumping, like box jumps, burpees and double unders. I felt like I had lead on my feet, and there is no spring in them. I think the sole may loosen up over time, but there really isn’t going to be much rebound like some other shoes out there. And they were borderline painful for double unders.
  • Just meh for running, but I never expect anything great out of running at CrossFit given the short distances. They weren’t noticeably uncomfortable during running like they were for box jumps and doubles, but if it was a running-intensive workout, I would wear something else for sure.
  • Expensive at $130. I couldn’t find a coupon code for the life of me and paid full price. And if you want custom colors, they go up to $170. No thank you.

Bottom line: Am I keeping them? Would I recommend them? Yes, and yes.

The “But”: I don’t think they’re the end-all, be-all shoe. You likely still need a shoe with more rebound for more jump-intensive workouts. For that, I still like the Nano Sprint. I think I may try Nike Free TR 5 Training Shoes when I replace my Nano Sprints, since (a) Nike has great colors and (b) I think they’ll have more flexibility and bounce while the Nano Sprints are still relatively stiff.

Where to buy Nike Metcons: Amazon or I’ve heard Dick’s also carries them. (Nike also has 3% cash back with eBates, which is awesome.)

Note: This is not a sponsored review and I didn’t get any freebies from Nike (I wish!). I researched and purchased these with my own moolah.

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