Favorite links from the past week + my latest favorite fall outfits, including dresses, comfy work slacks, and comfortable lace-up heels.

Happy Sunday friends! It is a gorgeous day here in Winston-Salem. 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I started my day with a 90 minute run; I’ll share more details tomorrow in my weekly workout recap, but in short, it went really well and I was so happy.

After fueling post-run, and sitting around the house recovering for a bit, I took Maizey on a walk. It’s just too darn pretty to be inside. While we were out walking, I saw a woman who I could have sworn was one of my blog readers who lives in Florida…and it turns out it was her! Jenna and I have communicated a few times back and forth over the years, and she is in NC with her family this week. It was so so fun to finally meet her and I can’t believe we just bumped into each other in Bailey Park! The world is really so small and wonderful.

bailey park winston salem

Alright, onto my favorite links from the past week!

Last Week’s Outfits

A few shopping PSAs:

  • My coffee table that so many of you have asked about is on sale at West Elm – use promo code SCORE20.West Elm rarely has site-wide sales so this is an ahhhhmazing time to shop.

banana republic sloan pants

pants | bracelet (40% off automatically taken at checkout!) | watch (25% off with promo code SCOREtote (my color is sold out, but here’s a similar one) | necklace

I get asked all the time where I got that green and navy top, and unfortunately I can’t find it online anywhere! I bought it at a local boutique that is no longer in business. But, I love these tops that have a similar fit: Poncho 1, Poncho2, Poncho 3. Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus Last Call both have great selections of ponchos!

Guys, please don’t judge me. I swear I own other shoes than these lace-up block heels. I’m just kind of obsessed with them right now; they’re comfortable enough to wear to work all day, even when I walk around town for lunch or coffee.

green shift dress

Similar green dress (40% off!) |heelswallet | similar earrings | mirror

I am looooving this blouse that bought at Nordstrom Rack last year with my mom. At the time, I was a little unsure of the style, but when I pulled it out this fall, I really liked it! I found an almost exact replica for ya! (And it’s less than I paid, dang it. 😉 )

drape front blouse

jeans | heels | similar blouse | similar clutch |necklace

You can see other outfits I wore in the past week on this post (how i styled my mustard skirt!) and this post (the best gray jeans!)

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! xo

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Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5 review with pros and cons, and why it’s my favorite running shoe (over my Brooks PureConnects and Newton Motion V).

It took me a while to find a running shoe I liked after I stopped running in Vibram FiveFingers. But I finally fell in love with one: Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5. I also have a pair of Brooks PureConnect and Newton Motion V, which I like, but I really really love my Adidas. I just bought a second pair so I thought I’d share my thoughts on why this shoe was worth a repeat purchase!

Shoe Overview

  • Support type: Neutral shoe for those with a neutral footstrike or mild pronation
  • Drop: 9mm (from heel to forefoot)
  • Weight: 7.1 oz
  • Price: now $70 (originally $120)

adidas adizero boston 5 review


  • Lightweight & Responsive
    • If you like a lightweight, more minimal shoe shoe, you’ll find these have the perfect amount of cushion while still feeling connected to the road.
    • I think they’re a great shoe if you’re working to increase your running speed since they are so responsive and light.
  • Versatile
    • I love this shoe for all types of runs – speed work, distance, tempo, and easy mid-distance.
  • Durable
    • These have a rubber sole that doesn’t wear out quickly and grips the road well (even wet roads). This was a major selling point to me. I was looking at the New Balance Zantes and really loved running in them, but the guy at Fleet Feet told me that the rubber sole on the Boston would help the shoe last longer.
    • I have nearly 400 miles on my current pair and it’s just starting to show wear. The cushion seems to have worn out, which is why I’m rotating in a new pair. (Maizey wanted to help frame the tread on the shoes. Thanks pup.)

adidas adizero boston 5 review

  • Breathable
    • The mesh upper keeps my feet from feeling all sweaty and icky when when they are all sweaty and icky.
  • Narrow & Look Good on your Foot
    • I like that they’re narrow through the arch and heel because it helps the shoe feel secure. But it’s also a con for me since I prefer a slightly wider toe box.
    • They aren’t bulky and don’t make your foot look clunky. Some shoes are just so.much.shoe. These are not.
  • Affordable
    • The 5 model has been replaced with the 6, so the 5s are 40% off at most retailers online and in person. And I’m all for sale prices on running shoes. I paid only $70 for my second pair! (The first pair I paid full price – $120 – which I think is a pretty average price for running shoes.)


  • It’s narrow
    • I have a narrow foot, so for me this is a con as I prefer a slightly wider toe boxer. But since the upper is mesh and stretchy, it’s not a deal-breaker.
  • Short laces
    • I now have two pairs of these shoes, and on one pair it’s not an issue, but on another, the laces are barely long enough to tie. It’s a weird flaw. I could switch them out obviously…but never did. 🙂
  • Mediocre colors/design
    • This obviously doesn’t affect the performance of the shoe, but I don’t think they have great visual appeal. I really like the design of my Brooks PureConnects and the color of my Newton Motion V – they’re just fun, and running gear should be fun too. My newest pair is hot pink and that’s a bit better than the neutral gray-purple color. 😉

adidas adizero boston boost women's

Why I like the Adidas Adizero Bostons better than my other running shoes

I also have a pair of Brooks PureConnects and Newton Motion V, both of which I really like. Having multiple pairs of running shoes is nice because I find that my body craves a different shoe on different days. I go for the Brooks on easy, recovery days where the workout is shorter and doesn’t have much structure. I like the Newtons for longer runs or on days when I just need more cushion. And I like the Bostons for speedier days, for intervals or tempos, or faster long runs.

Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5 review

Bottom Line

The Bostons are the shoe I want when I don’t want to notice my shoe – and that’s the highest compliment I can pair a running shoe. When I don’t notice my shoes, but my run feels great, THAT is how I know it’s a good running shoe.

forsyth country club

I do wear the Bostons with a pair of SuperFeet inserts because I wanted just a bit more arch support since I have mild pronotion, but I didn’t want to go up to a stability shoe, which starts to feel clunky on me. The inserts were a perfect solution for me and helped the shoe feel more customized.

I’ll probably eventually try the Adidas Adizero Boston 6, once I can’t find the 5s in my size anymore. I haven’t tried the 6’s on yet, but from reading the specs, they sound pretty darn similar to the 5s. But I do like this new color. 😉


Let me know if you have any questions! And if you run in these, I’d love to hear what you love about them!

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Today’s Friday Favorites includes all lovely gray things, including the best gray jeans, gray purses, gray drinks, a gray workout top, and gray skies.

I keep a list throughout the week of thing I’m loving to share with you in a Friday Favorites post. As I looked at this week’s list, I realized that literally everything I’m loving is gray. I’m also loving the moody gray skies today. Fall decided to come back and I’m quite happy about it. (Tommy probably won’t love those skies so much if it starts raining…he’s playing in a golf tournament this weekend. Good luck my love!)

Alright, onto all the gray things I’m loving lately!


Seriously obsessed. These gray Madewell jeans fit beautifully, even over my muscular thighs and glutes, and the color goes with everything; I’m especially loving gray + cognac lately. And yes, I’m still wearing these booties about every other day. I’m basically alternating between the booties in the picture below and these block lace-up heels, which are insanely comfortable and somehow go with every single outfit. (I wish they came in gray. 😉 )

madewell gray jeans

Charcoal Lemonade

This is so dang tasty. The Honeydrop people sent it to me, but they have a store locator online. Sadly, no place close to me carries it, but luckily our local juice shop Village Juice has a similar drink! And now I’ll be brave enough to try it. 😉 (Charcoal is good for detoxing. When Maizey OD’d on dark chocolate covered espresso beans this year, part of her treatment at the emergency vet was charcoal.)


Workout Top

I love this gray workout top. It looks like the perfect fit for running and CrossFit – not too tight, not too boxy. I really need to purge some nasty workout tops, so I’m trying to find some affordable ones. This is in my Nordstrom cart!


I think gray purses are just about the prettiest thing. They’re more unexpected than black or brown, but just as versatile. Plus, there is something so feminine about gray. I’m obsessed with this beauty and this beauty, but who on earth can drop $1-2K on a purse? Not me. (If you can, mad props to your success in life.) So instead, I’ve got my eye on this one and this one, which are both under $60. They’re almost as pretty, right?? Right.

Compression sleeves

I can’t get on the bright and bold compression sock trend. I just feel so…LOUD. I have a pair, but I typically only wear them around the house rather than on runs. Aside from the gray color (which really doesn’t matter), I’ve LOVED using these compression sleeves on my long runs lately. (I find sleeves a bit easier for me to put on than the full socks.)

I’d gotten out of the habit of using compression sleeves, and I now remember why I love them; they just feel so dang good, but the real perk is that they help decrease muscle fatigue and post-workout muscle soreness. I think they especially feel good AFTER my run, like they’re refreshing my legs. Even if I forget to run with them, I often put them on after a run while I’m re-fueling, and my calves have definitely felt better since I’ve been using them. (Sorry for the bad photo – it was STILL dark when I got home from my morning run so the lighting was terrible.)

compression sleeves

Hope you have a great Friday – almost the weekend!

Leave a comment and tell me something you’re loving lately that’s gray. 🙂 And tell me if you read 50 Shades of Gray. I never did and really don’t have a desire. 🙂


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