I JUST realized today isn’t Wednesday. It’s a good thing I showed up to the airport on the right day (I’m headed to Utah to see my family – yay!). So pretend this is Wednesday and wordless and we’ll be good to go. 😉

IMG 5484


IMG 6531


IMG 6451


IMG 6452


IMG 6454

If you haven’t been to Black Mountain Chocolate Factory on Trade Street, go immediately. (They have free tastings. :) ) These are my two favorite bars. So good!IMG 6536

IMG 6532

This is what the security line almost always looks like at the Greensboro airport. Flying out of PTI is another HUGE perk of living in Winston-Salem. :) 

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Not much running last week, which is unfortunate because the mornings have been beautifully cool. It was great to finally fit some yoga into the week though!

M – Top TIer CrossFit

  • Strength: 10 minute EMOM – we did 2 front squats at 85% of a one rep max at the top of every minute for 10 minutes. I started at 115 lbs and added on to finish at 130 lbs for the last few sets. 
  • MetCon (metabolic conditioning): The second part of the WOD was killer. It took me 6 minutes, 45 seconds.
    • 20 burpee box-overs (do a burpee, then jump on a 20″ box and go over, do another burpee then back up and over)
    • 100 double unders (this definitely slowed me down since I’m not great at double unders yet, but it was good to force myself to practice them!)
    • 20 burpee box-overs

T – Hot Vinyasa Yoga at Paz Studios

W – Top Tier CrossFit

  • 20 minute EMOM: 
    • On the even minutes, we did 3 hang power cleans and on the odd minutes, we did 15 wall balls. 
    • I did 80 lbs for the hang power cleans. I’m still working on form on these but slowly working my way up in weight as I get better!

Th – 5.3 mile run (8:10 pace) + Yoga at Bailey Park (this was such a cool event – thanks to Townies WS for organizing it!)

My glutes were so sore on Thursday. I’m pretty sure it was from the yoga. You know that deep, overall soreness you get from a killer yoga class? Yeah, that’s what I had going on.

F – Top Tier CrossFit

Strength: the assigned workout was 1 Push Press, 1 Push Jerk and 1 Split Jerk. I told my coach I had never done split jerks before and he told me that I needed to work on those the entire time to get comfortable with the movement. ha! So, I didn’t do any presses or push jerks – just stayed with a light weight (55#) and practiced split jerking over and over. It’s just such a weird movement to me – and freaks me out a little. He drew chalk onto the ground to mark where my feet should start and finish, which helped a lot. And totally cracked me up too. :)

MetCon: 3 rounds for time: 500m row, 12 deadlifts at body weight (115#) and 21 box jumps (20″). This took me 13 minutes, 48 seconds. I thought I’d fly through the deadlifts but they were really tough for me. 

Sa – rest

Su – 6 miles, not sure of my time pace since I forgot to stop my watch when I ran into a friend and stop to chat for a bit. I love running into so many familiar faces now that I’m back in town!

Hope your Monday is off to a great start! What was your favorite workout last week? Share your accomplishments! I love hearing from you. :)

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I’ve been back in Winston-Salem a little over a month and I still have moments of feeling completely overwhelmed with gratitude by how happy I am and how good life is. This weekend has been absolutely perfect. On Friday night, Tommy and I had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in town, Mozelle’s, with our friends Matt and Meg (who set us up). On Saturday, I woke up early, took Maizey on a long walk and then spent the entire day running (mostly) fun errands. 

First stop was getting my car detailed (at Marco’s Car Wash). After moving, toting Maizey around a lot and then going to the beach, my car was a hot mess of dust, dog hair and sand. $25 and 30 minutes later, I felt like I had a new car. I headed to Edward McKay Used Books next. I can’t believe I have never really perused in there – it’s such a great spot. I walked out with four cookbooks for less than $15. I was hoping to find a really good soup cookbook but nothing caught my eye. 

SAM 2149

Next was meeting Meg at Southern Home & Kitchen. They regularly have sales, but I seem to always have a conflict so I was really happy to make it over this time for 20% off the entire store. I had a few kitchen things I desperately needed and had needed for some time, so it was great to snag such quality items at an awesome price. This is the first time I’ve had a silicone bread pan and I have a feeling it’s going to change my baking life. (Next I need silicone muffin liners!)

SAM 2147

I’m super excited about this Slate Plate too! I don’t have a cheese board (I used a wood cutting board the last time I needed to serve cheese for book club), and this slate board was such a great price. Plus, I love that I can write on it and that it’s a local NC company. And I think I’ll end up using it for way more than cheese. 

Slate Plate Cheeseboard

I wish I’d had more time to browse at SoHo, but I had to run to an eyebrow threading appointment. (If you live in Winston and your’e not getting your eyebrows done by Kavita at Kaya Salon, you need to text or call her STAT (336-413-9653) to make an appointment. She’s the BEST, and I won’t let anyone else touch my eyebrows. I even had her do them the entire time I was living in Charlotte, coordinating appointments when I was in town.)

I picked up Teeter Thai after my appointment for both Meg and me (spicy noodle with chicken for me, and spicy noodle with tofu for her) and we met at her house for a couple hours of girl talk. Tommy and Matt were both playing in a golf tournament so after they finished, we all met up for dinner again. (Quick brag – Tommy was in 4th place at the end of the second day! :) ) Tommy and I did a little putting before dinner, which was really fun. 

IMG 6436

And now, I’m sitting at Camino Bakery, enjoying a Sunday without any plans. Life. Is. Good. I love being back in Winston and going to all my favorite spots again and discovering some new-to-me spots too. Sometimes it really does take a little distance to appreciate what was right in front of you all the time – and I’m definitely not taking Winston-Salem for granted anymore. 

IMG 6446

I may go for a run later or I may take another rest day (my body said no way to working out yesterday!). I’m planning to make pumpkin gingerbread for some friends, and I think I may make a second batch to attempt a gluten-free version – wish me luck!

Do you have a soup cookbook you love? 

What’s your favorite thing about your city? 

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