I”m one who LOVES all things pumpkin (I’m a total sucker) and I’ve bought way too many pumpkin spice items in the past week. I’m 4 for 6! Here’s what I’ve loved and two misses.

The Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter is way too sweet. I wouldn’t buy it again. I can tolerate it again mixed into oatmeal but if I can’t spread it on toast, I don’t want it. 

IMG 0502

This Quest pumpkin pie protein bar was blah. Just not much flavor and was so hard to bite into and chew. 

IMG 0468

The Trader Joe’s gluten-free pumpkin pancakes were great!! Super quick to mix up and not cloyingly sweet. Big fan! I need to stock up before they’re out of season.

SAM 2283

I saw this Bigelow Pumpkin Spice tea and had to have it. I was bummed when I got home and realized it had caffeine (black tea is the base). But, I’ve actually really enjoyed it in the morning. I wouldn’t say in place of my coffee, but I did have a little less coffee yesterday and had a cup of this instead. 

SAM 2279

Of course when I saw this decaf pumpkin tea, I had to buy it. It’s AWESOME. I’ve been enjoying it before bed when my sweet tooth hits. (Sometimes I just give into some ice cream though–lately I’ve been loving Arctic Zero and Ciao Bella Raspberry Sorbets.)

IMG 0500

Or, I give into my sweet tooth with one of these little bites of heaven. These mini pumpkin ice cream ginger cookie sandwiches are freaking delicious. I never would have bought a box because I don’t tolerate gluten and dairy well but after the Trader Joe’s employee let me try one (he opened a box after I asked him what his favorite pumpkin thing in the store was – TJ’s is the best), I HAD to buy a box to take home. Seriously guys, go find them. They are small so having just one at a time doesn’t cause too much digestive distress and it’s toooootally worth it. 

IMG 0503

What pumpkin things have you been loving lately? Any fails? 

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Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! I’ve had a lot of fun things going on this past week since I last blogged. Let’s catch up! 

1. I finally got kipping pull-ups down! Previously I had only done two kipping pull-ups, EVER. And then we did the workout “Cindy” (pull-ups, push-ups, squats) and I pulled a band out for the pull-ups and just tried a couple kipping pull-ups before we began and I did them. So, I figured I’d try to do a few in the workout and then go back to my usual banded pull-ups. And I ended up going ALL the pull-ups (15 rounds of 5 pull-ups) kipping, all unbroken, never touching the band. I was SOOOOO excited.

2. I tore my hand from all those pull-ups. Pretty sure this makes me an official CrossFitter. And blogging about it makes me officially official. 

IMG 0432

3. After those pull-ups, I could barely move for three days. ha! I woke up the next three mornings and could barely push myself up in bed. My lats were SO dang sore. 

4. Tommy took me to the most amazing Mexican restaurant in Winston-Salem, La Perlita Tacos & Restaurante. I’d never heard of it before and I never want to eat Mexican food anywhere else. I got the mole and he got the enchiladas. Both were amazing. The corn tortillas were soooo good. 

IMG 0474

5. I got new running shoes: Brooks PureFlow 2 in the kids sizes. Perks of having small feet. My friend Paula (who is my go-to for all things running) said that most kids’ shoes are the exact same as adults except a bit wider. And that’s perfect for me since I typically need a wide shoe anyway. 

IMG 0435

6. I ran 5 miles on Sunday. I definitely don’t have the speed or endurance I used to when all I did was run. It’s still a really strange thing to not be running 30+ miles a week but I’m going with what my body craves and what workouts sound fun. And currently, CrossFit or Bootcamp sound the most fun. Last night’s bootcamp was a sweat fest – 50 calorie row, 50 lunges (I used a 15# plate), 50 sit-ups. Then 40, 30, 20, 10. It took me 24 minutes and 32 seconds. 

Hope you have an awesome day! 

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Happy Friday! yay weekend! Never mind we’re gonna be drowning over here from the effects of the hurricane – it’s still gonna be a happy weekend. If you need me, I’ll be holed up in Camino Bakery drinking americanos, eating gluten-free quiche and hopefully gluten-free carrot cake if they have that around. :) Oh, and I’ll be dealing with a whiney dog who can’t go on walks in a hurricane. So there will also probably be wine to deal with that situation. 

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged some Fabletics picks. I was kind of meh on their new stuff for a while, but I really like the last couple items I got and then when I saw the October picks today, I wanted EVERYTHING. So many cute things! I included links to some of the things I’m eyeing from the latest collection below too and will blog about whatever I end up getting!

I love this Pryor Tank! It runs a little large so I’d recommend sizing down. I don’t mind the looseness of it, even though it’s a little bit. But man, their tops are built for people with long torsos…which is not me. All their tanks are long on me, but I am only 5’1″. :) I’m also loving the Salar Capris in the Romantic Print … I think. This is my first pair of patterned leggings so I still feel a little weird and loud in them, but I’ve gotten tons of compliments on them. And, more importantly, they’re super comfy. I’m glad you guys convinced me to branch out from my beloved Lima capris! 

IMG 0415

I love the twist detail in the back on the tank. Although I struggle to put it on correctly every dang time. I always end up putting it on inside out somehow. Whoops. (Please note Maizey’s toy she dropped by me right before I took the picture and then how she went and laid down behind me. Joke’s on you pup – you’re in the shot! That dog HATES the camera.)

IMG 0419

I really like the way the Carlsband Tank fits. I feel like it’s super flattering. I like the built-in shelf bra but the way the tank is built (see the open back below), this tank is only good for non-impact workouts, like yoga or Pure Barre.

IMG 5738IMG 5744

Here’s what I’m dying over in the October collection. I want it all. 

  • Salar Legging in Black Slub
  • Landon Tunic
  • Katana Long Sleeved Tee (I like both black and red!!)
  • Williams Jacket – this looks PERFECT, like a go-with-everything jacket. And I love the longer length on it! (Although it’d probably go to my knees 😉 )
  • Casa Tank – love the back on this!
  • Agon Pullover in black – I’m kind of obsessed with mesh detail on their latest collection. I love having pullovers to put on post-CrossFit after pulling off my sweaty tank so I don’t freeze walking home and this looks super cozy.

If you’re new to Fabletics, here’s my post about how it works, and if you’re new-ish to Fabletics, here’s a tip – order ASAP. They sell out of items pretty quickly…which is  kind of annoying to find the cutest outfit only to find they don’t have your size. And if you decide to sign up, please use my referral link – I’d love you for it. And so would my budget.  And if you’re a Fabletics junkie, leave a comment sharing what you’re loving lately. I get nervous to branch out from my beloved go-to’s (like the Lima Capris and Oula Tank) until someone recommends an item that I then become obsessed with (like the Salar Capris you all raved about). 

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