My Skin Care Dilemma

Guys, I have a dilemma. For years, I’ve struggled with my skin. My chin especially is prone to breakouts.  As a result, not only do I still have breakouts, but I also have scarring and dark spots. I know, I know….breakouts on my chin indicate that I’m stressed. When you know the trick to instantly stop stressing, go on and tell me. 😉 I do yoga, I journal, I do relaxing activities to manage my stress, but I still break out.

I’ve tried multiple drugstore options, department store options (Mario Badescu) and right now I’m even trying Proactiv. I feel like a 15 year old. (It’s not working, by the way.) I have an appointment scheduled with a dermatologist but I really don’t want to get anything really drying or harsh on my skin.

So, my dilemma is still. In the past few years, the ONLY time I remember my skin clearing up and feeling good was when I was using Simone France. My skin didn’t feel dry and crackly. My acne cleared up. The scarring started to fade. Their products have short, simple ingredients lists. But their “Sandwich” cleansing process is kind of a pain, AND, most importantly, their products are super pricey. Around $100+ a month for their system.

I’m a pretty strict budgeter (I should share my method with you sometime) and I really can’t see where I could comfortably create wiggle room for this and still meet my savings goals. Unless I stopped eating out entirely. :)

So, do I keep trying to find a more affordable drugstore option or do I suck it up and fork out the money for the fancy line that I know works for me? Sigh.

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[New Balance] Nicole August 9, 2012 at

I would love to hear your budget tips! Good luck on finding a good method…I recently started the Oil Cleansing method and while I know its natural and does make my skin soft, it hasn’t cleared up the acne.


Teri August 9, 2012 at

Good to know that it didn’t clear up your acne. thanks!


[New Balance] Nicole August 9, 2012 at

Oh and I forgot to mention, I have used Clearade before which is a drink mix with vitamins in it that you drink in the morning and night.
It did work and I am thinking of going back to it soon (because my acne has gotten worse!) however I only stopped because I am still hesitent of the chemicals possibly in it- but you should check it out if your interested!


kayleigh August 9, 2012 at

I have always, ALWAYS, had problems with my skin too. Recently I started using black soap ( the brand I have right now is Ambi, but they also have natural brands at whole foods ) which is a type of African soap with some form of charcoal in it (?) It is supposed to clear acne, and I have to say it has worked beautifully for me. Its super cheap, and I use it twice a day, as well as moisturizing with organic virgin coconut oil at night. It may work for you too!


Joy August 10, 2012 at

I use cerave it’s script from my dermatologist and it’s amazing


Kathy August 12, 2012 at

Have you tried Lush?

All natural- not at all harsh on your skin. If you have a Lush store in your area, go in and they’ll give you a facial and tell you all about the products with no pressure to buy. Enzymion moisturizer has changed my life!


Melissa August 13, 2012 at

I know how you feel. I am STILL struggling with my skin as well.

The only thing that has worked for me and I have used it for the last 10 year is Sage Skin Care It’s not super cheap but it works.

I still get hormonal breakouts but nothing compared to what I used to have.


Tan August 13, 2012 at

I have had the same issues, and it’s all based on my diet. If I eliminate sugar and dairy (sad) – my skin is a dream!


Amanda August 21, 2012 at

Hi! I have really struggled with my skin for the past 2 years. (I’m 24) Breakouts all over the place and verrrry oily. One thing that has really started helping is applying apple cider vinegar like a toner after cleansing. People swear by it! I still have post-acne red marks on my face but the actual blemishes are almost all gone after a few weeks.
As far as cleanser i’m trying to keep it very natural with dr bronners castile soap since its made up of natural oils. After i cleanse and tone with the acv, i apply jojoba oil with a few drops of teatree oil. Jojoba is supposed to mimic your skins natural sebum and sort of “trick” it into thinking it has produced enough sebum, therefore, making your skin less oily. Crazy. It is really working for me, though. Best of luck :)


Meghan April 1, 2013 at

Hey Teri! How is your skin doing now that you’ve gone dairy and gluten free? I’ve been dealing with chin acne for about 15 years (and nothing so far, of course, has worked), so I’m down to the last straw and am going to try eliminating things from my diet… starting with gluten.


Teri [a foodie stays fit] April 27, 2013 at

Hi Meghan! Sorry for the delay in responding – your comment went to spam for some reason and I rarely check that folder!

Anyway, my skin is doing better since eliminating dairy and gluten. But I think I figured out – this past week actually – that I may be sensitive to soy! I eliminated it from my diet and then had something with soy in it and a bit zit has started forming. It makes sense because chin acne is related to hormones and I’ve read that soy messes with hormones.

Also, I’ve started washing my face only at night and just rinsing in the morning with water or maybe wiping a little witch hazel or toner to freshen up. I could tell almost an immediate improvement – I think I was overwashing my face before.

Hope this helps!


Meghan Finney (@MeghanFinney) May 1, 2013 at

Thanks Teri! I’ll keep my eye on soy. Good to hear you’re seeing improvement :)


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