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Hi guys! I hope your week is off to a good start. I’ve got the butternut squash rice cooking away on the stove (it smells delicious) and it’s drizzly outside. I seriously love fall. Who doesn’t though? You should probably never trust a person who doesn’t love fall. 😉

Anyway! A few weeks ago, the folks from AT&T sent me an HTC One X phone (and a free month of AT&T service +$100 gift card to buy apps or other things to support a healthy lifestyle) to try out as part of their It’s What You Do With What We Do campaign. I was excited to participate because I was looking at buying an HTC anyway when my iPhone broke last month. 

IMG 6040

(I like the reminder that came stuck to the phone about texting and driving!)

As part of the campaign, I was encouraged to integrate the HTC with healthy lifestyle. It’s funny, I didn’t realize it before but once I consciously thought about it, I realized that I use technology a ton for my health and fitness goals! 

These are the things I do regularly on the HTC to support my health goals. 

  • MindBody Yoga app (class finder) – used this when I was in Charleston looking up yoga class times
  • Look up recipes
  • Look up nutritional information of restaurant menus – used this when I went out to lunch over the weekend
  • Listening to Pandora while working out – used this on my run this morning
  • Tweet, Instagram, and Facebook with all of you guys for motivation to workout and be healthy!

The screen on the HTC is big and bright and beautiful. And the camera takes great pictures! However, I don’t like that some of the apps I love for fitness, including the Nike Training Club app, aren’t available on Android. Plus, I don’t find the Android system nearly as intuitive and easy to use as the iPhone.

I’m going to keep using the HTC for a bit and I’ll let you know what I think as I use it more! 

What ways do you use technology to support your healthy lifestyle? Any apps I need to try?

UPDATED: Right after I posted this, I learned that there is a whole campaign tied the sticker on the phone…the It Can Wait campaign:

Texting while driving has become a national crisis.  More than 100,000 people a year are injured or killed in accidents when a driver is texting and driving. Drivers are 23 times more likely to be in an accident when they’re texting. September 19 is “No Text on Board Pledge Day”. There are multiple ways to get involved and support the campaign.

1.       Go to and take the pledge!

2.       Download the online banner at and add it to your profile picture on Twitter and/or Facebook. Just follow the easy on-screen instructions.

3.       Share the message and links with your friends, family, and followers using #itcanwait and tag @ATT.

4.       Share Your Story and tell us why you’re taking the pledge:

5.       Download the free DriveMode app available now for Android and BB (more platforms to come).  It was conceived by an employee whose life was affected by texting while driving.  Videos here.

Drive safe my friends! One thing I’ve started doing is putting my purse, with my phone in it, in the back seat of the car. Or if I’m charging it or using the auxilliary  plug-in, I put my phone inside my middle console where it’s harder to get to.

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1 chelsey @ clean eating chelsey September 17, 2012 at

I had an HTC for about two years before I got my iPhone – I really liked it!

And I agree, never trust anyone who doesn’t like fall!


2 Teri September 20, 2012 at

I like the HTC but it’s just not as intuitive or a clean/simple as the iphone!


3 Lauren September 17, 2012 at

I loved this phone when you had it at HLS this year!


4 Michelle @ Eat Move Balance September 17, 2012 at

I use the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch app to help me decide on the most eco-friendly and healthiest seafood choices when I’m at the grocery store.


5 Teri September 20, 2012 at

ooh that’s cool! i’m going to download it!


6 Mary Legare Whaley September 17, 2012 at

My iPhone is a part of me. If I had 3 arms, one would be White Lightning (my iPhone). However, I don’t use her during exercise. I randomly carried her with me on Saturday morning for a pre-race warm-up run, and she bit the dust (super traumatic for the both of us). Don’t run with your phone unless you have an armband. I do have a few recipe apps. Eden Recipes is good. I also love the Joy Bauer app. Whole Foods has a good one too. They’re all good for reference, but the internet serves the same purpose. If you have the Nike+ setup, you can download the app that logs your workouts. That’s fun. And Pandora is always a winner! Spotify is great, but I think you have to pay after the trial is up. Happy running! =)


7 Teri September 20, 2012 at

hahaha! White Lightning!

Oh man, good call on running with the iphone…if I dropped it and had to replace it (AGAIN!), I’d die.


8 Kara September 17, 2012 at

I love RunKeeper and Strava for running…I find that Strava’s GPS is better and my run times are more accurate with it. Also GymPact is awesome and new, you get paid for working out and keeping your goal! The crazy part is that you get penalized if you don’t keep your goal! That’s motivation 🙂 Nike Training Club is free and has lots of new and different workouts that you can do anywhere, I love it when I’m traveling.


9 Teri September 20, 2012 at

Strava and GymPact sound great! I’m going to check them out!

I’m obsessed with Nike Training Club! I always call it Nike Track Club – I had to correct my post after I read your comment. haha


10 Kara September 22, 2012 at

That is so funny, I always call it Nike Training Center and had to double check my phone before I posted my comment! Haha


11 Kallah September 18, 2012 at

hands down, I love love love listening to the Fresh Air podcasts from iTunes while going for long runs. Its the best – so distracting and yet makes the whole run more enjoyable!

I LOVE your blog, by the way!


12 Teri September 20, 2012 at

I listen to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me – so great for long runs! I’ll have to try the Fresh Air ones.

And thank you!! 🙂


13 Ivana@This Girl Inspired September 18, 2012 at

First, I am in total agreement on the no texting while driving! It is so unsafe and people get so distracted that they create traffic that should be! Second, I use my phone a lot more than I thought…I have a WW scanner that I scan food at the grocery store to find point plus values. I’ve also used My Fitness Pal and sometimes I just use the regular old notepad to write down what I ate =) Makes it hard to come up with excuses when you have all these tools handy!


14 Teri September 20, 2012 at

I need to use a notepad to write down how many times I hit the candy basket at work! :O


15 Melissa September 19, 2012 at

Keep using the android and you will soon love it!

Some apps I like: (for workouts and how-tos)

Interval timer AD (for intervals and to time breaks between sets for weights)

Out of Milk–great grocery list app


2nd the WW scanner app–I love this!


16 Teri September 20, 2012 at

I don’t know if I have the patience to keep using it! ha! the email is terrible on it! any suggestions?

thanks for the fitness/food app recommendations!!


17 Annette @ FitnessPerks September 19, 2012 at

I am all about the iphone– but I love that initiative. I try to never pull out my phone when driving….but sometimes I do answer it if it’s someone I want to talk to!


18 Teri September 20, 2012 at

Yeah…I talk on it when I’m driving too…. :/


19 Roughly A Runner September 19, 2012 at

I am alllll about my Garmin and the heart rate monitor that goes with it. Running with a heart rate monitor changed my life (running wise).


20 Carmen October 12, 2012 at

I use my phone to track calories and workouts!


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