The Weekender!

Hi guys! I’ve been a bum about The Weekender lately! Sorry about that! So many of you have told me that you look forward to The Weekender so I always feel a bit bad when I don’t get one up! But it’s been busy over here with lots of great things, including a visit from my bestie Courtney and her husband Brent! More on that later (I have some gorgeous pictures to share from Stone Mountain!) – tonight, let’s read some good links! And pretend it’s still the weekend. 🙂

The Weekender

  • Do you know your sushi etiquette? I broke two of the rules yesterday when Courtney and I ate sushi at Ichiban. Oops.
  • Why are you so tired? This might be the real reason.

The Week in Fitness

  • S – Vigorous Vinyasa Flow @ Village Yoga 
  • M – Body Pump
  • T – Kickboxing (Courtney and I used to love going to this class when she lived here so it was fun to go together again!)
  • W – Gentle hike around Pilot Mountain
  • Th – 4.75 mile run & Vigorous Vinyasa Flow @ Village Yoga
  • F – 3.5 mile run
  • S – hike Stone Mountain 

What’s one thing you’ve learned about your health in the past year? I’ve learned how important having down-time and simplifying my life is to my overall health, both physical and emotional.

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1 Michelle @ Eat Move Balance October 22, 2012 at

I really like The Weekender….thanks for continuing! 🙂

I’ve learned that stress is more harmful to my health and well being than I realized. I need to be mindful of the stressors in my life and maintain a better balance.


2 Teri October 23, 2012 at

glad you like it! amen about stress. it’s just so hard!


3 Stacy October 22, 2012 at

What a great round-up, Teri! I hadn’t seen that HuffPo article and found myself nodding along as I read it. Some really important points.


4 Lauren October 22, 2012 at

Ah, I love what you’ve learned! So true! Random question, are you still teaching RPM?


5 Teri October 23, 2012 at

No, I’m not and I TOTALLY miss it! But I think if I haven’t taught in a year that I have to get re-certified… ??


6 Maria October 22, 2012 at

Some great reads in here! I just packed for a 6 night trip to NYC and am proud to say I am carrying on. My secret: a quilted duffle bag – holds so much more stuff than a roller bag and smushes anywhere.

I just re-shared the article on passion and careers to my friend. To be honest, I am tired of being told that I need to find my passion and my passion must BE my career (even a lot of blogs say this!), so this article really resonated with me and makes me feel a bit better about not absolutely ADORING my job every single day.

Umm, one last thing – congrats on an amazing workout week!


7 Teri October 23, 2012 at

the duffle bag is smart! but i love having wheels to tote it through the airport!

I’m so glad you enjoyed that article. I had the same response to it. 🙂

and thanks! I felt really good about my workouts last week too!


8 Stacy @ Stacy Eats October 23, 2012 at

Great articles, thanks for sharing! I’m running my first marathon this weekend and I can’t even fathom doing it in flip flops – craziness!


9 Teri October 23, 2012 at

GOOD LUCK!!!! I hope you have a great experience! Enjoy it – all the hard work is behind you and the race is just the celebration. 🙂


10 janetha {meals & moves} October 23, 2012 at

Yay! I always love your links. Off to lurk…


11 Teri October 23, 2012 at

And I always love you. 🙂


12 Jen October 23, 2012 at

Hi! Would you mind giving us a re-cap of how Cosmedix is working for your skin? I am a recent reader, but I suffer from adult acne and found your posts on your skin to be really informative!! I would love to know how it’s working out for you.


13 Teri October 23, 2012 at

you bet! I’ll put it up soon! Sorry to hear you’re struggling with acne too – it’s so frustrating 🙁


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