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Congrats Rebecca! I email you shortly! The rest of you, don’t forget to click the ad to the right to get 20% off any Five Bamboo purchase through the end of the month! And if you need a laugh, read the stories about how people learned about Santa. There are some hilarious ones!


Today, in the spirit of kicking off the holiday season, how about a little (awesome) giveaway? The folks at Five Bamboo are giving one of my readers a Sophia Dress. You could be nice and give it to someone else if you win, or you can keep it for yourself. I won’t tell. ;)


I also really like the Solstice Dress, which I happen to be wearing today. I love anything with a cowl neck and I really like the single pocket. I feel like the stitching could be slightly smoother on the left side – it bunches a little – but it may lay a little bit better with a  slip underneath. (I couldn’t find mine today…oops.) I wore it to work with tights and flats.

IMG 7155

Then I wore it after work sans tights (it was warm out!) and cowgirl boots for a more casual look. I’ve also worn it with black ankle booties and it looks super cute for a night out.

IMG 7171

I’ve also tried their Ballerina Dress, which I was super excited about, but it doesn’t fit me as well as their other dresses. I think the style just doesn’t work for someone who is a little bustier like me. I just felt like it made my top half too prominent.

Anyway, back to the Sophia Dress giveaway! To enter, tell me at what age you stopped believing in Santa Claus. :) I honestly don’t ever remember really believing. Sad.

Don’t forget – readers of my blog get an extra 20% off any purchase at Five Bamboo in November. Just click the ad to the right!

Giveaway ends on Monday, 11/26.

Full disclosure: All Five Bamboo dresses in this post were sent to me for free from Five Bamboo to review. I do not receive an affiliate bonus if you purchase through the ad.

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1 Kristina at

I was 9 and I cornered my mom in the grocery store demanding to know the truth. I was also ridiculously dramatic afterwards crying and demanding to know how I could ever trust her again after that gigantic lie. :D


2 Teri [a foodie stays fit] at



3 Christina at

A truly can not remember when I stopped believing, but it probably involved one of my brothers spilling the beans :)


4 Helen at

I don’t think I ever really believed in Santa. I think that’s because my parents were recent immigrants and didn’t really understand the American culture behind Santa.


5 Teri [a foodie stays fit] at

Interesting! I never even though of that aspect!


6 Jen at

I cannot remember when I stopped believing. I think it was around age 8 or 9…hoping my daughter believes until then!


7 Ashley P at

I think I was about 10 years old and I didn’t want to believe he wasn’t real :(


8 Jessi R at

I’m not sure how old I was… but how it happened was my Dad told me the Tooth Fairy wasn’t real and so I immediately asked if Santa Claus was not real either. :)


9 Bonnie at

Thanks for the extra entry! Here’s my tweet: (@bonnielang) :D
Bonnie´s last blog post ..Thankful


10 Christa @ Edible Balance at

I’m pretty sure I’m the same as you, I don’t remember ever believing in Santa Claus! I don’t think my parents ever bought into all of that when we were kids, we knew gifts came from them. I think it was hard not to tell anyone else though and ruin it for them!
Christa @ Edible Balance´s last blog post ..The Skin I’m In – Recommendations


11 Christa @ Edible Balance at

I tweeted about the giveaway, thanks for another entry!


12 eirinn at

When I was in 5th grade I pressured my mom into telling me. The year before I had told her I wouldn’t believe in him unless he left me proof. I promptly wrote my letter to Santa not asking for presents but for proof of existence. As a 4th grader I wanted not to see him, but simply a bell off of his sleigh. The next year I decided that this was not enough proof. When Christmas celebrations began, I asked my Mom if he was real, informing her I did not think he was. I ended my spiel to her with “DO NOT LIE TO ME”, shortly after she confessed. If you knew my mom you’d understand, she is the sweetest and just can’t lie. I quickly put it all together and realized there was no tooth fairy or Easter bunny. Our talk ended with why it was important for my little brother Sean to still believe and how I had to keep the secret.


13 Teri [a foodie stays fit] at

omg, hahahhaa! You were a hilarious little kid! Asking for proof multiple times and “DO NOT LIE TO ME” – I love it! I’m cracking up!!


14 eirinn at
15 Stephanie Kohn at

I was five. My “boyfriend”, David, lived in a nice brick house across the street. He sweetly pointed out to me that there couldn’t possibly be a Santa because I lived in a trailer with no chimney.


16 Teri [a foodie stays fit] at

I hope you dumped him! ;) And I hope Jacksonville is treating you well! xo


17 Caroline at

I actually don’t remember! I think it was just sort of gradual over the years – I didn’t want to believe he wasn’t real!


18 Caroline at

I’m not actually sure when! I do think it had something to do with having older cousins who weren’t so subtle about the whole thing though…


19 Whitney at

I was around 10 when I confronted my mom about how there was no Easter Bunny (caught in the act) which is when she ‘fessed up that there was also no Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus. I think I had already stopped believe from talk on the playground but I remember when it was confirmed. That Christmas was one of my favorites since my 3 younger cousins still believed and I got to be involved in the magic.


20 Kelli at

I was about 10. I got asked to carry gifts down to the tree before Christmas and noticed that some said from Santa. I still like to believe there’s a Santa Claus out there somewhere though!


21 nushechka at

I can”t remember when I stopped believing


22 Tracy S at

I was 7, and I would love to win this dress.


23 kayleigh at

I was 9 and I was so upset when i figured it out I went through denial for quite a while.


24 Erin Hack at

I stopped believing when I was 8. However, I pretended to believe for 3 more years because I have a little sister AND I wanted presents from Santa! :)


25 Jayna at

Oh you know Shelton ruined it for me the first chance he got! So I was young, too young. Hope you’re well, and nice time in the 5k!


26 Hannah at

I think I was in 5th grade when I stopped believing. The kids at school told me Santa wasn’t real, but I didn’t want to believe it. I went home crying that night and my mom told me.


27 amber p at

i was 6 but later that year my older sister found it necessary to explain to me what she had learned in health class that day about how we make babies. I was so freaked out i told her santa wasnt even real. She screamed and cried for hours and somehow i got in more trouble than she did?!?!?! it was a traumatic day that both of us will never forget :)


28 Tiff @ Love, Sweat, & Beers at

I have no idea when I stopped. Perhaps it was gradual, if that’s even possible?

Love the first dress. Work appropriate and still super cute!
Tiff @ Love, Sweat, & Beers´s last blog post ..Link Love


29 Ann at

I, like you, don’t remember ever believing in him. :( Santa was never part of my family’s Christmas traditions. I hope I wasn’t “that kid” to break the news to a classmate/friend! Ha.


30 Jessica at

That is a hiliarous question–I love it. I honestly don’t remember ever believing either! But i do remember pretending I still believed for a while…my brother ruined it for me but I was trying to keep it fun for my parents haha


31 Kate M. at

I was 6 and my sister delivered the news….and then immediately showed me where all of our presents were hidden.


32 Maggie J at

I stopped believing in Santa as soon as I hit 1st grade and all the rumors went around school that he wasn’t real. I didn’t tell my parents until 3rd grade that I knew the truth!


33 [New Balance] Nicole at

I stopped believing in Santa when I was six. My dad sat me on his lap and told me he wasn’t real and I started crying and said, “well, I guess I better start thanking you for all the presents and not Santa Clause!” :)


34 Bara at

Where I live Santa doesn’t bring presents. Baby Jesus does :)
I’m not sure when I stopped believing but I think it was a bit late compared to my friends. Maybe second grade or so. I remember talking about this with some kids in kindergarten/school (not sure) and telling them that he has to be real because my grandma believes in it too. Oh how naive I was :D


35 Bara at

Argh now i noticed the giveaway is closed… I thought they were results from some older giveaway. Never mind. At least you have my non-Santa story here :)


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