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Hi friends! I totally did not expect to take a little blogging hiatus but the past few weeks have been a bit hectic.  I’ve been working on a side project after work (that I’ll tell you about soon!). So, shall I catch you up quickly? Yes! Quickly as is only 253 words. Count ’em. Cuz I didn’t.

I got a Flip Belt. I’ve hated every running pouch/belt/fanny pack I’ve ever tried.

IMG 7176

But I looove the Flip Belt. It has little slits in the front and back so you can slide in your keys, iphone, GUs (all of which I carried in the race). And then you can flip it over so the openings face inward and your goods don’t fall out. It doesn’t bounce or ride up. (Bottom line: I’d spend my own money on it. But I didn’t – they sent it to me for free. But seriously, I’d spend my own money on it. Oooh, I think I know what I’m getting one of my friends for Christmas!)

I like it so much that I wore it in the Mistletoe Half Marathon last weekend. (See it peeking out?) I probably won’t do a Top 10 Reasons I Loved the Mistletoe Half Marathon 3.0, so I’ll just tell you my #1 favorite thing.

IMG 7248

#1: I set a new half marathon PR – 1:42:41! (Just a month after setting my PR in Savannah!) My average pace was 7:50 min/mile and I was 7th in my age group. And I finished strong which I’ve never done in this race. The hills usually wipe me out (it’s a pretty tough course) but I felt good this year!

IMG 7251After the race, I showered and hopped in the car to head to a wedding in Asheville. I wore the dress from Gusto you guys helped me pick out on Instagram (thanks friends!). And taking off my 4″ heels at the end of the night after dancing for 2+ hours felt reeeeeaaaalllllly good. [Dress: Line & Dot, Ring: House of Harlow]

IMG 7259
I love any excuse to visit Asheville. It’s cute and quaint and has hidden gems like this giant door.

IMG 7291

And a super cool tea room, Dobra Tea.

IMG 7293

Also while I was in Asheville, I had my very first roasted chestnut. On a (semi) open fire, no less.
IMG 7295

Not too shabby. They grew on me. But you need water with them. They’re dry.

IMG 7296Also in the past week, I bought and tried a new protein powder. It’s terrible. I’m taking it back to Whole Foods and getting my trusty Plant Fusion.

IMG 7173

And I wore this outfit. And these new pumps might be too small. But I like them a lot so I’m hoping they stretch out. Leather stretches, right??

IMG 7302

Now I need to catch up on things that have been neglected in the past few weeks: my Hulu queue, emails emails email, and vacuuming my floor.

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1 Jordan Lynn (Ciao Cow) December 7, 2012 at

Super cute outfit! Leather shoes always stretch. 🙂


2 Teri [a foodie stays fit] December 8, 2012 at

thanks! 🙂


3 J @ semplicemente .... J December 7, 2012 at

A few things …
– I love Asheville too …
– the Flip belt looks interesting … is it really comfortable?
– You are on a roll with your races … congrats!


4 Teri [a foodie stays fit] December 8, 2012 at

the flip belt really is comfortable. I ran 13.1 miles in it and only had to adjust it once!


5 RLR December 8, 2012 at

Wow – that was quick! Thanks for the review of the Flip Belt. I have needed something like that, but didn’t know which to get. I’ll add this to my wish list!
Asheville is fun! And now I want to take my kids there, find that door, and do their next set of photos. It would be a cool background!
I have no idea about the shoes – I’m naturally about a size 9 3/4, so my 10s are never snug.
Can’t wait to hear about your side project!


6 Anne December 8, 2012 at

Ahhhh I miss that route so much! It was my long run route but I certainly never ran it that speedy, congrats!!!


7 Teri [a foodie stays fit] December 8, 2012 at

thank you! 🙂 it is a great long run route!


8 Anne @ Baking Me December 8, 2012 at

That dress is so cute, you have such great style!


9 Teri [a foodie stays fit] December 8, 2012 at

thank you Anne!


10 Katie @ Livehalffull December 8, 2012 at

Such cute outfits! And congrats on the PR!


11 Brittany Landers December 8, 2012 at

What a fun post…goes to show how fitness can influence every aspect of your life (for the better)!! 🙂 Would you want to guest post on my site? I’m a health ambassador as well. Would be a fun collab!

-Brittany of @suburbchicblog


12 Hillary | Nutrition Nut on the Run December 8, 2012 at

love the leopard and congrats on the PR!


13 Teri [a foodie stays fit] December 9, 2012 at

thanks Hilary! xo


14 Becky @ Olives n Wine December 9, 2012 at

If you try roasted chestnuts again, have a mug of mulled wine with them! Chestnuts + Mulled Wine = OMG Delicious!


15 Teri [a foodie stays fit] December 9, 2012 at

oooh I like the sound of that! I’m going to try it! Thanks for the suggestion.


16 Taylor December 9, 2012 at

That dress is fabulous and looks amazing on you! Love it.


17 Teri [a foodie stays fit] December 9, 2012 at

Thank you so much Taylor! 🙂


18 Rachel@Running Daze December 10, 2012 at

First, congrats on the PR! Second, love that dress. Third, where was the wedding in Asheville? That’s where I live. 🙂


19 Teri [a foodie stays fit] December 16, 2012 at

the wedding was at the grove park inn. so pretty!! jealous you live in asheville – i love that town so much!


20 jameil December 10, 2012 at

congrats! i looked for you at the mistletoe. lol it was my first half. those hills made me want to cry!!


21 Teri [a foodie stays fit] December 16, 2012 at

seriously mistletoe is soooo hilly! congrats on your first half!!


22 Laura December 18, 2012 at

Congrats on your PR! You are super speedy. I ran the Mistletoe Half (I live in Winston too) and the hills absolutely killed me. My legs were wiped after the first 5 miles, but I sure did feel accomplished at the end.


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