My Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Things you should know about this day:

1. I love Valentine’s Day.

2. The Valentine Man visited. Twice!

3. The Valentine Man visited Maizey. Just once. (That’s what you get for puking up my Valentine gift Maizey.)

4. I’m cooking with anchovies for the first time. On Valentine’s Day. It’s getting sexy up in here. 


Valentines dayimage source

Have a LOVEly night!


3 comments // by Teri [a foodie stays fit]

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1 Lauren February 14, 2013 at

Happy V-Day to you love!


2 janetha February 17, 2013 at



3 Meghan February 17, 2013 at

What’d you make with the anchovies? I’ve always wanted to make real Caesar dressing with them.


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