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Hey guys! Happy Thursday! Almost the weekend – wahoo! I started my day with a Power Flow yoga class. It’s been way too long since I’ve been on the mat. Today’s class was great. Work was pretty busy so I came home and relaxed by taking Maizey on a walk. I love more daylight in the evenings so I can walk her!

Today I got some good news about my health – my overall cholesterol, body fat percentages, and triglyceride levels were down! My company includes blood work panels and health evaluations as part of our benefits, and I’ve had very high cholesterol for the past 4 years. The only thing that has kept me off medication was that my good levels of cholesterol balance out the bad. But today, I found out that my bad cholesterol levels dropped a lot! I’m now in the “healthy” range. I think the biggest impact was eliminating gluten and dairy because I’ve had the results both while eating meat and while not eating meat. Anyway, I was super excited to see that drop! 

Anyway, I wasn’t really planning on going into all that, SO let’s get back to business. 

You’ve probably noticed the new blog design. New header, new sidebar, new fonts. I LOVE it! Holly from The Healthy Everythingtarian did all the design and implementation for me. She is crazy talented. We went through multiple rounds trying to find the perfect design and she was patient with me through all my edits, tweaks, and indecisiveness. 🙂 I’m thrilled with where we landed for the header. (She said she was inspired by J.Crew for the look which I love! She knows me well and totally considered my style and personality in the design process. 🙂 ) If you want to refresh your blog, I highly recommend working with Holly. Plus, she’s just freaking awesome as a person. You can email her at I know she is in high demand so if you are thinking of a redesign, reach out quick to get in her queue! 

Also, I updated my Hair and Races pages. Check them out! 🙂

Alright, gotta run! I have dinner plans tonight! Don’t forget to enter the book giveaway! It’s been somewhat comforting to know i’m not the only one who has struggled with emotional eating, but a little disheartening too to hear because I know how frustrating it is to deal with. I hope the book can finally help some of you! <3 

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1 Rebecca March 14, 2013 at

Love the new design! It looks pretty and sophisticated!


2 BroccoliHut March 14, 2013 at

I, too, love the new design! I’ve been looking for someone to help me with a new blog design as well, so I might just have to reach out to my favorite Everythingtarian…


3 christina March 14, 2013 at

sexy new design!


4 Michelle @ Eat Move Balance March 14, 2013 at

Love the new blog look! Fantastic! 🙂


5 Ashley March 14, 2013 at

Love love the new design! It’s perfect. The colors are fabulous and the layout is simple but so organized. Nice work, Holly!! I also love the tagline and your updated hair page. 🙂


6 Teri [a foodie stays fit] March 17, 2013 at

thanks!! xo


7 JC March 15, 2013 at

I love the new page layout!
It’s interesting to hear that you have high cholesterol–I just found out that I do too! I was shocked. I, like you, am pretty active, eat mostly healthy, and am nowhere close to being overweight. I have to get my levels rechecked in 3 mos, so I’ve been trying to tweak my diet around. It’s good to know that your levels dropped despite eating meat!


8 jen March 15, 2013 at

LOVE the clean, professional design. looks awesome teri!


9 janetha March 15, 2013 at

so sleek! holly is a great designer. yay about your health!


10 purelymichelle March 15, 2013 at

love it!! xoxo


11 Rachel Wilkerson March 15, 2013 at

Holy crap, I love this. I am waiting on new designs and aiming for something similar…love the typographic look and the new tagline is great. You and Holly are an awesome team!


12 Teri [a foodie stays fit] March 17, 2013 at

thanks! 🙂


13 Mary @ Fit and Fed March 16, 2013 at

The new design is very classy and your photo is very nice. I don’t even have a tagline on my blog– gotta fix that. Also, congratulations on the improvements in your health!


14 Teri [a foodie stays fit] March 17, 2013 at

Thanks Mary!


15 Sam @ The Second Lunch March 17, 2013 at

Looks absolutely wonderful – I’m due for an upgrade myself. And a big congrats on healthy and happy numbers 🙂


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