What’s Your State Known For? + The Weekender

brrrr! It is a yucky, drizzly rainy day here in Winston-Salem. Perfect for sticking my keister on the couch and snuggling with the pup, watching endless episodes of How I Met Your Mother, playing on Pinterest, and letting a beef stew simmer on the stove. 

Luckily, yesterday’s weather was a bit nicer for my meet-up with Lori & Michelle at Daveste Vineyards. But more on that tomorrow! I will share this picture real quick that Michelle posted on Instagram (and then I also posted it on Instagram after she sent it to me because it was just so darn cute. 🙂 ) Love these two women!

IMG 8343

The Weekender

There is a dress at Boden called the Weekender Dress. I need it. Obviously. 

Almost time for spring cleaning. Here are some tips! [fact: you know you’re an adult when you keep hoping for a warm, free weekend so you can do spring cleaning.]

Do you live in one of states that drinks the most beer?

The author of this article is getting blasted for her stance on gluten. 

The cutest. SERIOUSLY. 

Are you being too nice at work? According to that article, I am, in many instances. 

Why thank you. Now I can that honor to my resume under the BYU section. Right next to “Writing Fellow.” <– that is true. 

 The Week in Fitness

S – rest

M – 30 min. elliptical 

T – full body weights

W – 10 min run + 17 min elliptical (my body was just not feeling it! so i didn’t force it)

Th – Power Flow

F – 30 min easy elliptical

S – rest

My workouts were pretty off this week. I just couldn’t get any energy to really get in a solid workout and my legs felt like lead all week. I think maybe my legs were still sore from the 10K? Oh well. Sometimes my body just demands a break. 

What’s your state known for? I grew up in Utah, which is known for (a) Mormons, (b) skiing (“Best Snow on Earth”, (c )strict alcohol laws [see (a)], (d) being just about one of the prettiest states in the country (I am biased), and (e) friendly people [also see (a)].

North Carolina, where I live now, is known for (a) BBQ, (b) college basketball, (c ) tobacco and (d) proximity to the beach and “mountains.”  (with quotations, yes. See Utah (d).)

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1 Steph k. March 24, 2013 at

Illinois is known for Abraham Lincoln. Everything is Abe! And Texas where I live now is know for we’ll, just being Texas. We are our own little country 🙂


2 Joy March 24, 2013 at

I think Massachusetts is known for Boston creme pie, Boston baked beans, fish (wouldn’t eat any of them) and the Kennedy’s


3 Purelytwins March 24, 2013 at

glad you liked the pic 🙂
again we had such a BLAST!!! love chatting with you, seriously love ya girl and always love getting together with you. can’t wait to do it again!!

And for our home state of Florida we have heard that – the Number of people who move to Florida each day – 1,000 —> not sure how accurate but thought that was neat 😉


4 BroccoliHut March 24, 2013 at

I live in NC now, and I agree with your list of things it’s known for. I’m originally from Alabama though, and I’d say it’s most known for BBQ, college football, and Rosa Parks.


5 Annie Bananie March 24, 2013 at

I live in Colorado, which is known for its scenery, 14ers, skiing, craft beer, and certain laws that were just passed that make a certain substance legal 😉
Where in Utah are you from? I’m spending the summer in SLC — any recommendations?


6 Maria March 24, 2013 at

Home state (Virginia): known for lovers (yeah, WTH), peanuts, Civil War history, Presidents, and moonshine.

Current state (California): beaches, Baywatch, hippies, sourdough, and tech companies.

I am headed to Utah for the first time ever (sans SLC layovers) in May for Blend and cannot wait!


7 Paige Austin March 24, 2013 at

I’m from Southern Virginia! VA is known for all of the presidents and their beautiful homes, as well as the gorgeous blue ridge mountains. I can’t speak for Northern VA (which is really just Maryland in disguise), but down South we’re also known for vineyards, potlucks, country stores (we do a lot of canning around here), and waving to everybody, even people you don’t know (but really you probably know everybody already). If you ever want a wine tour, Charlottesville is the place for you!


8 Kristen@goodngoodforya March 25, 2013 at

I’m from New Hampshire- tops on that list of boozer states;-) I think the only other thing we’re really known for is our state motto “Live Free or Die”.


9 Trisha March 25, 2013 at

Wisco gal here! Gotta say that I’m a little disappointed we’re number 6 on the beer drinking list. We can do better than that! I think everyone knows that we’re also known for cheese, winter, the Packers/Cheeseheads, and for some reason, in the media, we’re always portrayed as drunken idiots. I suppose that’s appropriate at times… 😉


10 Katelyn Rose March 25, 2013 at

I live in Utah now, so your list applies 100%. Before I lived in Texas- cowboys, bbq, being bigger & better than everything- but originally from Ohio- not too much except maybe cold miserable winters and buckeyes?


11 Megan | Eats Daily March 25, 2013 at

My state is Maine and I suppose a lot of people think of lobster, blueberries and potatoes. Those are all quite delicious, but I think our beautiful coast is worth mentioning! I love it here! Oh and some people assume we see moose all the time but I have only seen 2 in my life … 😉


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