Boxer Dog

Probably the most important page, right?

Pictures of Maizey will be added regularly because she’s pretty much the cutest dog ever.











She slept in this position for an extended period of time. Uhhhh??

what the??

her first day homeCan’t they stay puppies forever??





Boxer pups


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1 Lauren at

LOVE it!! This is my favorite page, but I think it’s pretty obvious why! ;) Of course as soon as I saw you had updated it, I had to go through and look at all the new pictures. Love Boxers make my heart melt.

Also — where did you get the shirt that Maizey is wearing in the first picture?? It’s so cute and seems to fit her really well — which is tough to find!
Lauren´s last blog post ..The HOTR Guide To Snow Day Training


2 Courtney at

MAIZEY!!! Can I be her god-parent? I love that puppy. I’ll have to tell Lauren to check out the updates, she will die!
Courtney´s last blog post ..Miss me


3 Michelle at

stumbled across your blog! Love it! I’m a Utah girl with a boxer that loves to run. Working on the healthy eating thing! There is a health nut inside of me desperately seeking to get out! That’s one of my 2011 resolutions…. to find her! Hope you don’t mind if I follow along!
So love the pics of Maizey! I can see my “boy Cooper” in every last one of them! Why do they think they are lap dogs? Oh and I love the look they give you with a few random bottom teeth hanging out! “I’m such a toughy…. oh opps! What you laughing at!!” Love it!!!


4 Courtney at

hi terry it is lauren courts little sister i miss you guys so so so much i hope i can come see you guys real soon bye
Courtney´s last blog post ..A Saturday in January


5 Nicole C. at

Hi Teri! I am new to your blog (visiting from your guest post of Janethas blog today) and your pup is so cute! She reminds me of a tiny version of my dog with her pretty coloring. My mastiff is a dark brindle color too, he is just a blown up version ;) His name is Kronus and his best friend is a mini doxie named Roxy.


6 Amy at TheSceneFromMe at

So pretty, I love her brindle coloring!
I think she’d be best friends with my sharpeis Journey & Ripley!
Amy at TheSceneFromMe´s last blog post ..Luscious Lemon Pudding Cake Cups


7 Karen at

OMG! SO CUTE! I am a huge boxer lover-I have a brindle girl named Annie-love of my life! Your boxer is so cute!! I just happened upon your website after googling valentines workouts. I am a fitness instructor and was looking for some ideas…bonus finding the adorable boxer pics!! Thx!!


8 Kelsey at

She looks just like my boxer puppy (I use that term loosely… Bailey turned one in September 2010), down to the color and white chest. How long did it take Maizey to fill in and how big is she now? Mine still looks like an awkward teenager… tall, but scrawny and about 40 pounds.


9 Teri at

I’d love to see pictures of your pup! Maizey turned two last October and it wasn’t until probably September that she started to look like an adult. She’s still pretty small for a boxer – kind of short and weighs 60-62 pounds. She was still in the 40s until she was 1.5 years old. Hang tight – your boxer will still grow! :)


10 Meredith at

I just stumbled upon your blog. so cute.

I have a boxer as well – Memphis. Maybe they can date??? I scrolled through the pictures and see my little guy doing some of the exact same stuff! I am slightly obsessed with him as well. Other names for Memphis: “little boy” and “pretties” – I don’t know how the second one happened, my fiance just started calling him that!


11 Greenderella at

:-D This site made me laugh out loud. Your dog is so funny and sooo cute!! We also have a dog, named Fritzi. He brings so much fun into our daily life. I just love dogs… : )


12 Kat @ My fruity life at

I die. Boxers melt my heart!! What a precious pup.


13 Nicole at

She is beautiful! I have a 2 1/2 year old fawn named Abby :-) she is the best dog ever. I love them when they are pups and squishy, rolly polly. I gave her to my husband for his 30 bday and she was only 8 weeks when I brought her home. I may have to have a page dedicated to her too. I’ll let you know so you can check it out :-)


14 Nicole @ Fresh & Fit at

I love this page! I grew up with boxers and they are giant babies. My boxer Rocky was always on my lap. Not exactly the type of dog you think about when you think “lap dog”. Maizey is adorable. I miss his velvety patch above the nose, how his lips and ears flapped in the wind, and the crazy amount of saliva that would pool on the ground when ever someone at a juicy piece of meat. Aww, boxer love!


15 Jim at

Hi Teri, Maizey is looking great, a beautiful girl! I love all the pictures look forward
to seeing more of her. Boxer lover as well, the most beautiful and family loving breed
ever, tell Maizey that Mom and Dad are doing well and her love as well…:)


16 April @ Motor City Runner at

Adorable!! We have a 2 year old boxer who I wouldn’t trade for the world!! I recently introduced him on my little corner of the internet. BOXERS ARE THE BEST!! He may even wright a few blog posts!! :)


17 Teri at

amen! they are the best dogs ever!


18 Erica @ For the Sake of Cake at

Love, love, love these pictures! I’ve grown up with boxers & they are just the sweetest dogs!


19 Teri at

they really are so sweet! totally needy, but soooo sweet!


20 Diana Amy at

I DIE. Such a cutie!


21 Teri at

hahaha! “I DIE.” cracks me up!


22 Balancing Sylvia at

Ok so first your boxer is adorable! I have two boxers, Mocha and Whiskey. I love them to death and their floppy faces are the best!
Second, birdnest chairs are the best reading chairs EVER. (IMO anyway)
Third, snaggletoothed faces are hilarious. Whiskey makes some awesome ones too :D
Thanks for such a great picture page!


23 Teri at

Boxers are the best!! I love the names of yours!


24 Kiah at

So adorable! I think dogs are an integral part of being happy and healthy (-:


25 Catherine at

Oh my boxers are the best dogs in the world, but brindles are special, all mine have been golden


26 Katie at

I’m in LOVE with your boxer! I too have boxers, Bailey and Jagr, and they seriously are THE BEST breeds in the world of dogs!!


27 Teri at

They really are the BEST! Now I’m going to have to scour your blog to find pictures of your boxers. :)


28 Shannon @ Her Dog Blog at

What is with dogs and dishwashers?! It’s like some code they all know, isn’t it? Maizey is adorbs for sure.


29 elena at

she is the most adorable dog. i love her!


30 Tomboy That Wears Makeup at

Sooo cute! My dog is a boston terrier/pug cross and they look very similar.
Tomboy That Wears Makeup´s last blog post ..Why bring your camera if you don’t have a memory card?


31 Andrea @ Andrea Out Loud! at

I absolutely love this page ?
Andrea @ Andrea Out Loud!´s last blog post ..Shrimp and Humus Wrap


32 Julie at

You seriously have the cutest dog EVER!!!! Love, love, L-O-V-E!!! :) I keep looking at the picture of Maizey as a puppy, all scrunched and snuggled up on the chair! So cute!


33 Erica at

I love this blog!! I just discovered it and read it all the time! I also have a girl Boxer named Marra…whom my husband and I are also in LOVE with! She looks a lot like Maizey and I loved looking at your pictures of her =] You give me motivation to run…I have been a runner for 2 years and sometimes am not very motivated, so thank you–and keep on blogging!


34 Megan at

Teri! I often pass by blogs when looking for recipes as sort of a “one-and-done” deal, but I will definitely be back. I love the pictures of Maizey! She is adorable. Our family dog growing up was a boxer, but he passed away when I was 16– a fawn named Toby. Thanks!


35 Joan Stagnaro at

Aloha from Lahaina, HI. I found your site while searching for a kale salad recipe with an asian twist (love the raw peanut kale salad, BTW) but I will now follow you regularly once I saw the “boxer” tab. I have a fawn boxer named Prince. He is the mascot in our 7 am Crossfit class. Love the blog, keep it up!


36 amy @ lovetotrain at

i LOVE the one of her in the dishwasher.. my doggy does that too and we say he is doing the pre-wash.. its a vital part of the cleaning process.
amy @ lovetotrain´s last blog post ..Sniffles and snuffles and honey tea


37 Carrie at

One of the cutest dogs…ever. Very photogenic ;)


38 Lauren at

I just found your blog and liked it right away. And then I saw this page and that ridiculously cute face, and now I love your blog! I grew up with two boxers so I know how they can just steal your heart.


39 Carrie Purchase at

Hey! I have a boxer/lab mix and a pure boxer- who is still a puppy right now. There are pics on my blog, you should check them out. Our Boxer Neeka is so cute and sweet, I literally fall in love with you ever singe day! Any tips for training, she does seem a bit stubborn at times- like laying down- she can’t seem to get that one yet!


40 Carrie Purchase at

Fall in love with her****


41 Carol at

Awesome pics! I’m grinning ear to ear. :)

Yay Maizey!


42 Nancy at

This is such a beautiful page. I have a 10+ year old boxer and he my little love. I love to look at these beautiful pictures. Boxers never cease to entertain. Love them to pieces.


43 Chelsea @ CrazyBullies at

OMG! Adorable!!!!!!!!! I have two English bulldog/boxer mixes. They are just fun, aren’t they? How old is she now?!


44 Tracy at

I love your boxer page!! They are great dogs and very smart! Growing up we only had boxers and my family loved all of them to pieces. We spoiled them rotten!! LOL! Right now we just have one little guy named Tyson. He is sweet and always has to be touching you where ever he sits.


45 Mindy at

LOVE your page for Maizey! I have a fawn DeeDee that is my world.


46 Ashley at

I just ran across your site and I cannot leave without telling you how much I LOVE this page!! I have two Boxers myself and ABSOLUTELY love the entire breed! Maizey is adorable!!!! I love it that you have a page all for her! Boxers are the best! Excited to continue following you!


47 Teri [a foodie stays fit] at

boxers seriously are the best! I’ve been away from Maizey for a week while on vacation and have been missing her like crazy! And I’ve been acting like a crazy person the two times I’ve run into other boxers while on vacation – “Can i pet your dog??? I HAVE A BOXER TOO!” hahaha


48 Box love at

My boxer’s name is Sam. I nearly gave him up when he was a year old ( it was impossible to keep him contained ). So– I called a Boxer rescue center and found myself crying inconsolably…at this point the person on the other end said”mam, I really don’t think you are ready to give up your dog.” My husband at this point decided to have an invisible fence placed since he could no longer deal with my broken heart. Sam is now 5. He is hilarious and precious. He is a complete cuddle bug.


49 Minnie Boxer at

Oh what a gorgeous dog! Hope you can get some new pictures up soon!


50 Kelly at

My husband and I are planning on getting a boxer in the next few months. We have been researching boxer breeders for about 2 months now, but I want to know if there are any first hand suggestions out there first. We are interested in Spring/Summer 2014 liters. If you have any suggestions, please! I would love to hear your thoughts.


51 Teri [a foodie stays fit] at

Aw fun!! They are such fun and loving dogs. Maizey is currently sleeping on my lap (they always think they are lap dogs!) which is making it a bit hard to type! :)
My breeder was Shadow Runn Boxers in Stanfield, NC but his website is down. I don’t know any others – you may know this already but signs of a good breeder are cost (expect to pay at least $800 for a good breed), selectivity of the breeder in placing the puppies (they should interview to ensure good homes), and the cleanliness of the nursery. They should let you see where the pups will be while they’re still in the breeder’s care and shouldn’t release them before 8 weeks.

Good luck!


52 Angela at

Stumbled across this site after pinning a recipe and your boxer caught my eye because I have a brindle boxer as well. I love her to death. Our breeder was Laymani in Ohio. I can’t say enough good things about them.


53 Teri [a foodie stays fit] at

Aw boxers are the best! Your breeder has beautiful dogs; I’m sure yours must be gorgeous too!


54 Teri [a foodie stays fit] at

Hi Kelly – I’m not sure if you got a notification of the reply to my reply but someone else commented about your question about finding a breeder. Here is her response. :) Hope you find your perfect pup!

Stumbled across this site after pinning a recipe and your boxer caught my eye because I have a brindle boxer as well. I love her to death. Our breeder was Laymani in Ohio. I can’t say enough good things about them.


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