Since I haven’t been able to run or do CrossFit for the most part since I strained my quad, I’ve been trying to stay active with upper-body only workouts. This is the 20 minute circuit workout that a friend make for me that smoked my abs and left me dripping in sweat. The time flew […]

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Happy Sunday! This past week the weather finally improved (well, sort of) and I was able to run outside this week! I had to time my runs to avoid the rain and the wind was pretty nasty at times, but it is soooo nice to be running outside again after so much treadmill time the past few […]

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I felt really good about my workouts last week. Unfortunately, the week ended on a low note when I was decimated yesterday with either food poisoning or a stomach virus – not sure which. I’m still feeling really iffy today so I’m taking it easy. But hey, at least I got my long run in. […]

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I slept 10.5 hours last night. Tommy and I spent the weekend in Utah, and we had to get up at 3:30 AM yesterday to catch a 6 AM flight. I still feel a little out of it, but I’m hoping I’ll start to feel back to normal soon! (I posted some pictures of our adventures […]

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Last week was a good week of workouts! It felt well balanced between running and Crossfit (not too much of anything) and I got a little yoga session in. I really want to work on pushing my pace on intervals, but I’ve got to get my right hamstring sorted out so my leg turnover will […]

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GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Congrats Rebecca! I’ve been doing CrossFit for about a year and consistently (3-4x a week) for 6 months. And it has annoyed the heck out of me that I haven’t been able to do double unders. Occasionally I’d have a day where I could get them but it was never consistent. Mostly I […]

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