A quick recap of last week’s workouts and easing back into track work. I did a short little speed session and it felt great! Last week’s workout M – 4 miles, 8:05 pace T – morning workout – 6.1 miles, average 7:40 pace. This was an impromptu speed session. I started out and I could tell my […]

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Today I’m sharing my thoughts about signing up for a half marathon when I know I won’t PR and how I define health and fitness — and how that’s changed over the past few years! Happy fall y’all! I started my day with a 7 mile drizzly run. Well, drizzly for most of it – there were […]

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I’ve been running for over 17 years, and over the course of those 17 years, I’ve experienced a wide variety of injuries (like most runners) – runner’s knee, IT band issues, shin splints, quad strain, angry hamstrings, plantar fasciitis, you name it. I was recently able to chat with Dr. Christopher Miles from the Wake Forest […]

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M – CrossFit Front Squats: 5×3 at 135# My quads were soooo sore by Tuesday night! MetCon for time. I finished in 15:14.  800m run 21-15-9 Pull-ups Shoulder to Overhead (RX 95#, I did 55#) 800m run T – 7.5 mile run, solo (8:05 pace) I ran my last mile in my new Newtons! I needed a new […]

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I felt pretty good about last week’s workouts. I was the sorest I’ve been in a LONG time (which I love/hate) and I also focused on increasing my running mileage. We did back squats at Top Tier CrossFit, and I didn’t think the weight was too crazy so I was a bit surprised by how sore I […]

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Since I haven’t been able to run or do CrossFit for the most part since I strained my quad, I’ve been trying to stay active with upper-body only workouts. This is the 20 minute circuit workout that a friend make for me that smoked my abs and left me dripping in sweat. The time flew […]

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