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Happy Monday folks. I spent the day doing my civic duty – I got called for jury duty. I was thisclose to getting assigned as a juror but alas, my straw was not drawn. I’m not gonna complain about that! Even though I was pretty intrigued by the whole process since it was my first […]

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Hey guys! Holy moly, it was one of THOSE days at work today. So I’m treating myself to a little wine while I have dinner in the oven. I bought this at Whole Foods tonight. It was only $4 – it’s way better than their Three Wishes $3 reds. They said they’re not sure if […]

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Hey guys! I just finished another sweaty treadmill run. Sounds like people don’t mind the newbies with the New Year’s crowd other than their lack of gym etiquette. Funny enough, I was thinking about this the other day when I saw multiple people talking on their phone while working out on the elliptical and multiple […]

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Hey guys! Here’s the recap of McRitchnie Winery & Ciderworks, as promised! Just writing about this place makes me so happy!! The vineyard is located just outside Sparta in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s beautiful out there. The owner was raised in Oregon and used to work for very large vineyards. And he wanted to […]

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Hi guys! I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was wonderful!! On Friday night, I went to the Dog Days Live Music Series at RayLen Vineyard. This particular event was raising money to build a dog park – Tanglewoof (ha!) at a Tanglewood Park. The live music was great – I loved the singer; she […]

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Hi friends! Happy Saturday! I hope you are having a great weekend. I have had a wonderful day so far. Today was the Italian Festival at the Raffaldini Vineyard in Ronda, NC. My friend Debbie and I go every year together. This was our third annual trip! It was beautiful weather today – I donned […]

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