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Quick weekend recap + my favorite links, with some of my favorite articles and recipes I found on the big ol’ internet recently, + an outing to Raffaldini Vineyards, my favorite vineyard in North Carolina! Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine flew by with lots of time with friends, including a double date at the Honey […]

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Hey y’all! I just got back from a quick weekend getaway in Boone, North Carolina with Tommy. When he asked what I wanted for my birthday, I told him I wanted to spend it in Boone. We weren’t able to go up on my actual birthday because of some things going on last weekend, so we […]

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Get tips for planning a perfect Pinehurst weekend getaway, including things to do in Pinehurst, best restaurants in Pinehurst, and recreation in Pinehurst besides golf. I spent last weekend enjoying a quick Pinehurst weekend getaway. It’s a small town, known for its beautiful golf courses, and I love the slow pace there, especially when I’m feeling […]

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This past week was an absolute doozy at work. I’ve been really stressed out, and I have to be careful to take time for myself when I get like that. I try really hard to enforce some kind of lunch break and to still get in bed at my normal time, even when I feel […]

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Hi friends! I didn’t mean to take a little blogging hiatus, but I was having such a lovely Christmas and enjoying some downtime and fun times with Tommy’s family that I just didn’t want to pull out my computer. I figured you were also enjoying your friends and family and not missing me or my […]

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This past week while I was in Pinehurst, I was able to get in some great runs. Nothing too long or too hard, which was really nice. We had gorgeous weather and I loved running on some quiet, peaceful trails in the neighborhood. I also loved running with Maizey; I started out on a solo […]

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