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Since moving to North Carolina seven years ago, I don’t get to spend all the major holidays with my family in Utah for various reasons. I’ve come to love solo holidays (last Christmas was wonderful!), but I also get really homesick at times. So when Tommy and his parents invited me to spend Thanksgiving with […]

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Happy Monday! I spent last weekend in Boone with Tommy and his parents. It is seriously gorgeous up there this time of year with the leaves changing colors and the cool, crisp air. Saturday it was drizzly and overcast all day, so we took it easy and just relaxed.    We opened a bottle of […]

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This past weekend, Tommy and I headed up to Boone, NC. It was my first time meeting his parents (!!), who were absolutely wonderful. It was a really fun and relaxing weekend.  It was a quick trip, but it felt like a mini vacation and it was so nice to spend so much time with Tommy – […]

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Hey guys! Holy moly, it was one of THOSE days at work today. So I’m treating myself to a little wine while I have dinner in the oven. I bought this at Whole Foods tonight. It was only $4 – it’s way better than their Three Wishes $3 reds. They said they’re not sure if […]

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Hey guys! I just finished another sweaty treadmill run. Sounds like people don’t mind the newbies with the New Year’s crowd other than their lack of gym etiquette. Funny enough, I was thinking about this the other day when I saw multiple people talking on their phone while working out on the elliptical and multiple […]

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This week my friends Courtney and Brent are visiting from Seattle! Courtney and Brent used to live in Winston Salem and I was super bummed when they left (Residency schmesidency). So while they’re here, we’re packing in as many fun fall activities as we can. Hopefully it will remind them how much they loved living […]

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