I have really low tolerance for crappy food. And one of my biggest pet peeves is eating a crappy meal when on vacation – such a waste! I also hate trying a new recipe that is just meh. To help prevent this, I’ve start relying heavily on friends for tried & true recipes, and a […]

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I had this smoothie when my friend Crystal made it for me when I visited her and her adorable great dane pup in Raleigh a few weekends ago. (I love that she always greets me with a smoothie when I visit!) After she made it for me, I immediately bought mint when I got home and […]

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I hate crockpot recipes that have a million ingredients. It kind of defeats the purpose of an easy meal, right? While I’ll get ambitious occasionally and make an advanced crockpot meal, when I’m making up recipes, it’s super simple. I made this last week, it was super simple, and it was a hit with both me […]

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M – Leftover Pioneer Woman Chickpea Curry – I made this on Saturday and it’s awesome! In addition to curry for dinner, there was also lots of snacking on cheese, bacon wrapped apricots & toffee at a girls’ night/bible study/Stitch Fix try-on session :). We just finished the Genesis She Reads Truth series and got together […]

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These lava cakes have been a staple in my family since my awesome sister-in-law introduced them to us about 10 years ago (maybe even longer?). They were always a go-to for dinner parties I hosted and friends always wanted the recipe and were blown away by how simple they are. These are a perfect dessert to […]

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I’m headed to Utah this weekend for a quick trip (and Tommy is coming…he’ll meet all FIVE brothers…bwahaha) and on weeks that I travel, whether for work or pleasure, I try to keep meals simple so I’m not stressed over cooking and so I don’t end up with lots of food sitting in my fridge […]

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