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I often use protein powders to help supplement smoothies and this post includes a review of Naked Nutrition Protein Powder, specifically Less Naked Vanilla Pea Protein powder, and why I like it better than some of my other go-to brands.  I’m obsessed with smoothie bowls lately. The main difference between a smoothie and a smoothie bowl is […]

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This classic Cobb salad recipe doesn’t use any fancy ingredients, but the combination is unbeatable. If you prep hard boiled eggs and cook the chicken in advance, it comes together very quickly for a fast lunch or weeknight dinner. At work today, I listened to a webinar from a former FBI undercover agent who recruited […]

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This healthy banana ice cream dessert can be made with just one ingredient – toss a frozen banana in a food processor and blend blend blend. This variation –Protein-Packed Healthy Banana Ice Cream with Sea Salt & Chocolate Chips — pumps up the protein & flavor for an extra special treat.  I’m a big fan of made-up […]

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I’m a teensy bit obsessed with tuna. I’m also a teensy bit obsessed with this healthy mayo-free tuna salad. If you get my email newsletters (sign-up if you don’t!), you may remember the time I exchanged 8 cans of tuna at the grocery store and then got asked out on a date by the store […]

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Tommy and I have a tradition of making pizza on Sunday night. It’s an awesome (i.e. delicious) tradition we both look forward to and by taking a few shortcuts it’s really easy to make an awesome gluten free pizza.  Obviously you can top it with whatever you like, but our favorite combo is grilled chicken […]

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There’s a new restaurant in Winston-Salem that I’m a bit obsessed with – Local 27101. Everything on their menu is amazing. Great burgers (I love the Español burger), great salads (get the cobb, TRUST ME), fantastic sweet potato fries, and, surprisingly, a really really great veggie burger. I find that most restaurants in town offer […]

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