I’m headed to Utah this weekend for a quick trip (and Tommy is coming…he’ll meet all FIVE brothers…bwahaha) and on weeks that I travel, whether for work or pleasure, I try to keep meals simple so I’m not stressed over cooking and so I don’t end up with lots of food sitting in my fridge […]

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Hey guys! I’m enjoying a cozy snow day in Winston! If you’re on the east coast, I hope you’re staying warm in this nasty weather. We haven’t gotten as many inches of snow as was predicted, but the few inches we do have are coated in a lovely layer of ice so I’m not going […]

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Whenever I hear “frittata” I think “too time consuming for me.” I don’t know why I have this in my head…maybe because I didn’t actually know what a frittata was until about 5 years ago, and I had previously equated it with food fancier than my palate and skills allowed. I was wrong (that’s been […]

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I had never had salmon cakes until a few months ago; they were never on my radar to make until I got them in a Blue Apron shipment. After making them, I realized how simple and awesome they are. But, I didn’t want to deal with fresh salmon so I recreated a version using canned […]

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Celebrate National Peanut Butter Month with an AMAZING giveaway from Justin’s Peanut Butter + amazing recipes to satisfy your peanut butter craving!

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When I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner, the oven, the stovetop, pots, and pans are all in use and there’s never quite enough time or kitchen items available. So a few years ago, I decided to put my crockpot to work for one of my favorite side items – fresh cranberry sauce. This simmered away in the […]

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