This healthy banana ice cream dessert can be made with just one ingredient – toss a frozen banana in a food processor and blend blend blend. This variation –Protein-Packed Healthy Banana Ice Cream with Sea Salt & Chocolate Chips — pumps up the protein & flavor for an extra special treat.  I’m a big fan of made-up […]

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I’m a teensy bit obsessed with tuna. I’m also a teensy bit obsessed with this healthy mayo-free tuna salad. If you get my email newsletters (sign-up if you don’t!), you may remember the time I exchanged 8 cans of tuna at the grocery store and then got asked out on a date by the store […]

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Tommy and I have a tradition of making pizza on Sunday night. It’s an awesome (i.e. delicious) tradition we both look forward to and by taking a few shortcuts it’s really easy to make an awesome gluten free pizza.  Obviously you can top it with whatever you like, but our favorite combo is grilled chicken […]

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There’s a new restaurant in Winston-Salem that I’m a bit obsessed with – Local 27101. Everything on their menu is amazing. Great burgers (I love the Español burger), great salads (get the cobb, TRUST ME), fantastic sweet potato fries, and, surprisingly, a really really great veggie burger. I find that most restaurants in town offer […]

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I have really low tolerance for crappy food. And one of my biggest pet peeves is eating a crappy meal when on vacation – such a waste! I also hate trying a new recipe that is just meh. To help prevent this, I’ve start relying heavily on friends for tried & true recipes, and a […]

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I had this smoothie when my friend Crystal made it for me when I visited her and her adorable great dane pup in Raleigh a few weekends ago. (I love that she always greets me with a smoothie when I visit!) After she made it for me, I immediately bought mint when I got home and […]

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