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When I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner, the oven, the stovetop, pots, and pans are all in use and there’s never quite enough time or kitchen items available. So a few years ago, I decided to put my crockpot to work for one of my favorite side items – fresh cranberry sauce. This simmered away in the […]

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Cherry, chocolate and coffee is really one of the best flavor combos ever. (See also: my Mocha Cherry Coconut Milkshake. mmmm) These little guys have a texture similar to LaraBars (maybe a little drier) and have a little chew from the cherries and a little crunch from the nuts and chocolate. They’re great before CrossFit*, as […]

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My CrossFit gym recently added more early morning classes to their schedule which is awesomes because I love working out before work, but like I blogged about in this post about fueling before workouts, I definitely need a snack before CrossFit. These energy balls give me a little boost in the morning when nothing sounds […]

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Now that I’m back home in Winston, I suddenly feel like myself again. I’ve started running again (although, now I feel a bit incomplete without so much CrossFit in my life!) and I’ve suddently got the itch to bake on the weekends again. Last weekend, I had an abundance local blueberries thanks to a killer […]

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I wake up at 5:30 AM to work out most days and really struggle to put any food into my body. NOTHING sounds appetizing. But, I’ve started noticing (even more so as I’ve gotten older) that I really need some fuel before workouts or else I feel sluggish and weak. I’ve tried a few different […]

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