This past week while I was in Pinehurst, I was able to get in some great runs. Nothing too long or too hard, which was really nice. We had gorgeous weather and I loved running on some quiet, peaceful trails in the neighborhood. I also loved running with Maizey; I started out on a solo […]

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I traveled cross-country this week and was still able to fit in some great workouts and finish the week feeling strong and healthy.

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Heyyyy! Happy Friday! It’s been a whirlwind week for me. I flew out at 7 AM on Tuesday headed to San Francisco, had a few meetings that afternoon, and a team dinner that night. I was in meetings all day Wednesday and then flew home Thursday AM, leaving the city at 5:30 AM PST. It […]

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My CrossFit gym recently added a lot more classes to the schedule (wahoo!), including morning bootcamp classes every morning (wahoo again!!). The main differences between the WODs and Bootcamp is that the WODs use barbells and Bootcamp never does, and bootcamp workouts are more cardio intensive than WODs. The actual work time is usually a […]

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Last week was a busy busy week. My sister-in-law visited from Utah, and we crammed a lot in 2.5 days. Then I had a baby shower in Raleigh on Saturday morning and a wedding in Winston-Salem that night. I had so many moments last week of feeling so incredibly grateful for how full of love […]

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Happy Sunday friends! It’s an absolutely gorgeous day in Winston-Salem. In the fall, I don’t use AC or the heat for as long as possible and instead just keep my windows open. I woke up and it was a perfect 68* in my apartment, but I had to bundle up to take Maizey on her […]

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