I slept 10.5 hours last night. Tommy and I spent the weekend in Utah, and we had to get up at 3:30 AM yesterday to catch a 6 AM flight. I still feel a little out of it, but I’m hoping I’ll start to feel back to normal soon! (I posted some pictures of our adventures […]

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Last week was a good week of workouts! It felt well balanced between running and Crossfit (not too much of anything) and I got a little yoga session in. I really want to work on pushing my pace on intervals, but I’ve got to get my right hamstring sorted out so my leg turnover will […]

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I usually take one complete day of rest, but I bumped it up to two days last week since my body was feeling a little run down. The top of my right foot has been tender ever since Tuesday’s interval run – I think I need new running shoes – so I didn’t want to push it by […]

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Like many of you know, I grew up in Utah. While not the coldest state in the country, I’ve definitely experienced some very chilly days. And contrary to what my family thinks ;), North Carolina does get cold. We don’t get in the single digits like they do, but the cold here is bitter…I think […]

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M – 1 mile, 7:55 pace + Top Tier Bootcamp For time: 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2: Calorie row, burpees, sumo deadlift highpulls I was feeling a little off so instead of burpees, I did slam balls. The up & down movement of the burpees made me nervous. I can’t remember what time I finished in. It was a […]

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This past weekend was absolutely beautiful! We were in the low 70s on Saturday and Sunday, so I tried to get out as much as possible, whether it was dining on my rooftop patio, running, or just keeping the windows down in my car while running errands. I definitely enjoyed running in shorts and a […]

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