Happy Sunday! Looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous day so I’m hoping to get outside and enjoy it! I’m going to take Maizey on a long walk in a few minutes and then I have dinner plans tonight, hopefully with patio dining. Can’t wait!  M – 7.9 mile run, 7:51 pace (my last […]

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Not much running last week, which is unfortunate because the mornings have been beautifully cool. It was great to finally fit some yoga into the week though! M – Top TIer CrossFit Strength: 10 minute EMOM – we did 2 front squats at 85% of a one rep max at the top of every minute […]

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I’m back from my solo vacation. Alas! I have one more beach post for you, but I haven’t downloaded the pictures yet so here’s a quick workout recap for you in the meantime. I didn’t link to videos for the CrossFit stuff this week since I’m trying to hit “schedule to post” and climb in […]

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I love my friends and family dearly, and I love spending time with them and traveling them. But there is something about a solo vacation and that precious alone time, away from the responsibilities of work and home. Being able to do whatever I want, when I want, with no concessions or no schedule. It sounds a bit selfish, right? Yeah, it is. That’s the point.

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I posted the below picture on Instagram yesterday with this caption. Runners, make sure you get drivers letting you cross their path to acknowledge you with a wave, even if you think you made eye contact. Right after taking this picture, I had a close encounter with a car (a police officer at that); I […]

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Before I started CrossFit, it kiiiind of annoyed me to read blogs that referenced all sorts of CrossFit stuff that was totally a foreign language. And course, I rarely took the time to actually google what they were talking about…and if I actually did, even then, it was still kind of confusing. Now that I’m […]

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