It’s been a really great weekend, the kind where I had lots of moments that made me so full of gratitude; it really is the simple moments in life that make life full. I stayed in Friday night after a crazy day of work and ordered Teeter Thai (green curry!), drank wine (The Crusher Petite Syrah is amazing), […]

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Hi friends! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. Mine has been pretty low key – I went to CrossFit yesterday and had brunch with a friend afterwards, and then spent the afternoon cleaning and running a few errands. Last night Tommy and I went to a party for a friend who was celebrating his […]

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Happy Friday! I got out of bed this morning thinking I would head out for a run, but instead I’ve been having a leisurely morning, drinking water lemon water, online shopping at Nordstrom (I desperately need black flats –  I think I’m getting these Ivanka Trump Chic Flats), and will probably take Maizey for a […]

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I told you where to stay in the Willamette Valley and where to eat in Carlton, so I’m going to keep bossing you and tell you what wineries to visit in the Willamette Valley (and which ones to skip). You on board? Excellent. 🙂 First up: Stoller Family Estate. This is where the Oregon Wine […]

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Happy Monday folks. I spent the day doing my civic duty – I got called for jury duty. I was thisclose to getting assigned as a juror but alas, my straw was not drawn. I’m not gonna complain about that! Even though I was pretty intrigued by the whole process since it was my first […]

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Last night, I headed to the newest exhibit at the Reynolda House for the Power Thursday event with a couple friends.  I was excited to Star Power exhibit and to attend on a Power Thursday, where they have live entertainment, wine, food and mingling. The Reynolda House is kind of a hidden gem in Winston-Salem. […]

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