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This past Saturday I competed in my first CrossFit competition, the Camel City Cup hosted by Camel City CrossFit. I was really hesitant to sign up but after my friend Nancy asked me to be her partner and convinced me she just wanted to have fun with it, I was on board (mostly 😉 ). While […]

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Happy Sunday! Looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous day so I’m hoping to get outside and enjoy it! I’m going to take Maizey on a long walk in a few minutes and then I have dinner plans tonight, hopefully with patio dining. Can’t wait!  M – 7.9 mile run, 7:51 pace (my last […]

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I JUST realized today isn’t Wednesday. It’s a good thing I showed up to the airport on the right day (I’m headed to Utah to see my family – yay!). So pretend this is Wednesday and wordless and we’ll be good to go. 😉         If you haven’t been to Black Mountain […]

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Not much running last week, which is unfortunate because the mornings have been beautifully cool. It was great to finally fit some yoga into the week though! M – Top TIer CrossFit Strength: 10 minute EMOM – we did 2 front squats at 85% of a one rep max at the top of every minute […]

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I’ve been back in Winston-Salem a little over a month and I still have moments of feeling completely overwhelmed with gratitude by how happy I am and how good life is. This weekend has been absolutely perfect. On Friday night, Tommy and I had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in town, Mozelle’s, with […]

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